Monday, January 28, 2013


I guess winter has finally hit us here in Michigan. Snow and freezing rain hit us last night and is melting away today. It is supposed to get into the 50's tomorrow and then back down to 17! Crazy weather. Good day to stay indoors and stitch! I wanted to remind you all that we are having our Annual Superbowl Sunday Party at the shop this Sunday (February 3) from noon to 5 p.m. We will be serving up some yummy treats and the orders are rolling in with great prims and handmades. This has been a fun week. Hope you don't care if I share.
On Wednesday morning our rug hooking group headed out for a field trip to the home of Kris Miller. I so appreciate Dick "manning" the shop so I could go. Oh what beautiful patterns and wool. Can't wait to get started on the patterns I bought. It's a replica of an antique rug. Just beautiful!
Thursday we were honored to have Teresa Kogut teach a punchneedle class at the shop. Everyone in our rug hooking group attended. What a great time! I think we even talked Teresa into joining us to hook! If you've never met Teresa, you're really missing out. She is wonderful and her work is amazing.
Then yesterday we were invited to Hartland High School for a birthday party for Ellie, Caroline and Gannon. Amanda and Greg rented the pool for the party and it was a blast. Ellie is sporting a new pixie!
Caroline having fun with friends.
I can't believe our Gannon is 15!!! He had a ball with friends too.
Sydney got to get in on the action too. We missed her party because of the flu.
Jack even got a gift!
I have to share Abbey's story from Saturday. She went to Michigan State University for a rabbit show. Her rabbit won Best of Breed and then Best of Show out of 1200 rabbits. We're so proud of her!
Of course Lucy is always up for a great time.
Cousins Lucy and Sydney had such a great time together. They had to model their floatie suits and silly faces.
If you've never been to the Hartland Pool, you should go. They have a huge swimming pool, an oversized hot tub (which Gan had to try right out)...
there is an awesome kiddie pool with "showers" and a kiddie slide (I don't know how many times Lucy and Sydney went down it together)...
there is a flowing river with noodles to ride (Ashley, Lucy and Abbey) went round and round...
then Rich and Sydney joined in the action. There is also a HUGE water slide and more. Be sure to check it out if you ever have a chance. They do have open swimming for the public too.
Now back to our Annual Superbowl Sunday Party. Spring goodies will be arriving all week,
along with dolls, fantastic flameless candles and more, more, more!
Great Lakes Marketplace has decided to join in on the action too.
John is offering 20% off all tailgate grocery items and they are all Michigan products.
There is a whole line of fantastic grocery products to choose from.
Crust Bakery is also housed in the Marketplace and their products are YUMMO!!!
There is a coffee bar that can make some mean concoctions!
The attached shop (also part of Great Lakes Marketplace) is the artisian village which also features Michigan creations. We are all excited to help take the BLAH out of winter and have some fun with our friends. Arcade Antiques in Battle Alley will just be kicking off their February sale, so you'll be able to get some early peeks. Pat has a new prim dealer that was just moving in some great pieces when I was over there the other day. SOOOO - hope to see you all on Sunday. Until next time...


  1. Afternoon, sounds like a great day, wish I lived closer to attend......Congrats to Abbey for wining with her Rabbit, Yey!!!! Great family photos.....Enjoy the Super Bowl Sunday, Blessings Francine.

  2. Dawn I had no idea how great the pool and all the extras were with it. What a fun day for family. Did you get in??
    Congrats to Abbey..she works so hard and did a great job!
    I won't be able to make Super Bowl Sunday. We are hving a family dinner birthday party for my grandson.
    Have a wonderful time!

  3. I always feel so left out when I read your
    You have s many wonderful things happening in your shop and around your fun and the pool party was so fun looking.
    Such fun all around.

  4. Way to go Abbey! Lots going om, thanks for sharing the pictures!

  5. What fun everyone is having and how wonderful to have that available to you. Your grands are darling. Congrats to Abbey for best in show. Rabbits are a favorite of mine. Stay warm and have fun at the Party. Holly, Mi sounds like the perfect place to live.