Monday, January 21, 2013


OH BOY! Has the weather ever turned frigid here in Michigan. Just ran to Joann's after work and I'm SOOO glad to be home where it's warm and cozy. Tomorrow is my stay-at-home sewing day and I can't wait to just light the candles, turn on the music and enjoy our little nest. Got everything priced and put out at the shop (with more to come) and thought I'd give you a little tour.
A few spring bunnies and other goodies are hopping in slowly, but will have another big order in the next week or so.
Some beautiful textiles are filling up the old child's civil war bed.
Our latest great piece by Dick. This cupboard is built from 90% wood that is 100 years old.
These preserves and dressings are really yummy!
More food goods and antiques.
Our old nesting box is filled with all kinds of lights and bulbs.
I had to hide Dicken's "house" so he could get some sleep at the shop. He's so stinkin' cute that everyone wants to play with him!
The old island is showcasing some great prims.
These big flowers are awesome. The center of the flower is a rusty old pie plate.
There are "chicken" goodies, candles, tart warmers, tarts and more!
This little cubby is full of the most beautiful brown lamps, afghans, rugs... Isn't it funny how colors come back around?
Dick's big tilt-top hutch table is prim as can be - and so are the goodies on top of it!
The back wall of the "cabin" is also covered with prims.
Sure wish I had a spot for one of these make-do settles. Maybe someday.
Stitcheries are coming in daily. I'm crazy for the old verses and can never have enough.
The crock bench is also full. Come on in and take a peek, I'm pretty sure you prim gals will find something that you just can't live without! Tonight I'm off to finish another stitchery and grub material for tomorrow's projects. Mostly, I just want to get warm. These 0-10 degree temps are awful! Stay warm and we'll talk again soon. Until next time...


  1. I`m in prim heaven, what a wonderful shop, sure wish I lived closer....but, maybe will be heading your way for my Holidays...Thanks for the great tour, got to go wipe the drool off my face, Hugs Francine.

  2. Love that make do settle. I wish I had room for that. Maybe when I move.(Whenever that may be) You have lots of wonderful goodies in. Enjoy your day. It is very cold here. 18 tonight and the forecast is 17 tomorrow night. Too cold for me.

  3. Shoppe looks awesome...seeing your bunnies is forcing me to start Easter now. love browns blues and reds. Stay warm. Was told by morning it will be 20 below zero here by the river. Janice

  4. Wow, it all looks wonderful! Spring will be here before we know it for sure, but we have a bitter cold week ahead! ~Roberta

  5. The shop looks wonderful, Dawn! I am so hoping for a free Saturday or Sunday to pop's been very busy around here lately! Everything looks lovely and so early!! Great job!

  6. Sooo lovely!! and cozy with all that candle light!

  7. The shop looks great!! Sure wish I lived closer, so that I could come visit again and bring my sister.

  8. Looks great Dawn. I guess you are enduring this frigid weather too. Brrrrrr.
    Stay warm :)

  9. Everything looks great! So cozy and inviting.