Tuesday, January 1, 2013

HAPPY 2013...

Oh my goodness, what a great few days we had resting and relaxing at the Little House. We watched a lot of movies in our p.j.'s and I managed to get some stitching in and orders ready for the shop. We found some fun antiques for the shop and for at home and now we're revived and ready to take on the new year. In fact, I can't wait to get to the shop tomorrow! I want to start packing up Christmas, cleaning and moving the furniture around. The markets are at the middle of the month and lots of new handmades are on the way. We'll be planning some fun events and will let you know as soon as we get them together. Also, we will be having two new one-day classes this month that I will post tomorrow evening.
We had so much fun Saturday night and Sunday. Earlene and Norm came up for the night and we enjoyed their company so much. We ate a pot of bean soup, played games and then did some exploring on Sunday. Lumberman's Monument was beautiful - but oh so cold!
Our little Dickens is already growing. This was his first adventure to the Little House and he did pretty darned good - he even slept through the night!
I had to take this picture of Dick and Dickens, it is the same chair I took the first picture of Dick and Rosie in seven years ago. I still miss her so much, but this little guy is growing on me fast! He is a little "dickens"!!! Well friends, Happy New Year! Let's all make this year count and make it a happy one. Until next time...


  1. Happy New Year Dawn.
    Love the pictures.

  2. Morning Dawn, sounds like a wonderful time at the Little House......Dickens is so darn sweet.....thanks for sharing...Happy New Year, Francine.

    I love your little Dickens...and wow has he grown!
    How fun that Earlene and Norm got to visit again...you guys are becoming such wonderful friends.
    Wishing I could go to Columbus for the show but it's most likely not happening as I'm having surgery on Monday on my back - otherwise I'd go.

  4. Happy New Year, Dawn! Love the picture of Dick and Dickens!

  5. Awww...really like the picture of Dick and Dickens!

  6. I think your Dickens, is a ham. He is posing like a pro! So he finally slept through the night. I have to ask.Alone? Or snuggled with you.lol Love seeing his pictures. Ah, the snow. We had flurries last week. Can't imagine that much. Enjoy the nights.Hollie sounds like a wonderful town.

  7. Dickens is adorable and already growing! Happy New Year!
    Laurie :)