Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Good afternoon prim pals! What a great day I had yesterday! We were both home and Dick helped me moving EVERYTHING around in our living room/dining area. As most of you know, after my Dad had his stroke and then passed, we gutted my Mom's walk-out and made an apartment for us to be with her. (Boo-hoo, sure miss my old house.) We were hurrying so fast to get it done that we just put everything in here and started "living". We had a "sitting" area where our computer was and NEVER used it, so we made it a dining room and that opened our living area up SOOOO much. I just love it and wanted to share some of the changes with you.
I finally got to get my new cupboard in that Dick built me for Christmas. It is just what the doctor ordered! He used special OLD wood on this one for me and it looks just like a really OLD red painted cupboard. I just love it!
We finally have a real dining room. As soon as we get a new laptop and get the big old desk out of here, we can move the table to the middle of the room and bring my tin chandelier over here.
The pie safe fit in perfectly - but then there's that darn old desk! Oh well, I've got to have my computer somewhere.
Just look how much this opened our living room! We could even have a party down here now!
My favorite spot is this little sitting area with the couch and chair I bought from Earlene. Dickens likes it too, his bed is under the dough box.
We tried to camoflage the wood stove (which we only use in emergencies) between the other chairs. Oh well, some things just ARE.
We moved our "fireplace" into the living room and this will be changed today or tomorrow. Dick built us a fantastic, primitive fireplace that will be coming home soon and this one will go to the shop. What a difference that will make! The one we will be selling is an oldie and is beautiful, but just a little too fancy for my taste. It's amazing what moving things around does for your soul and my soul needed it! SHOP NEWS: Heading out to the markets later this week, but the shop will be open. We also plan on opening on Monday for Martin Luther King Day with lots of new goodies. Mark your calendars for February 3 from noon to 5 p.m. for our second annual Superbowl Sunday Party. We had so much fun last year that we decided that this should be an annual event. Guess it's time to get stitchin'. Have a great week and we'll talk again soon. Until next time...


  1. Love all your pictures!! Everything looks so cozy!!

  2. Hi Holly, your home is always comfy cozy no matter what you do in it, always a pleasure to see what goodies you decorate with, can't wait to see the fireplace.....Blessings Francine.

  3. Your cupboard is wonderful, as is the pie safe. You are lucky to have a wood stove for back up. Here I have nothing but a kerosene heater and it is in a shed.lol Everything looks so cozy and inviting. Give Dickens a pat or too extra, just because.

  4. Dawn............everything looks great! I really love that pie safe.

  5. Wow Dawn it sure did open up the room! It all looks great!! Did Dickens drive you crazy while it was all going on?
    Enjoy your buying trip

  6. Amazing how decorating can transform a space. I love to rearrange things too, you are right, it IS good for the soul. Your place looks lovely.


  7. Looking good Dawn. I love re-arranging...makes things look different..even if it is the same. Janice

  8. Just love the cozy feeling you get from each picture. Thanks for sharing with us! Www.littleputtylittlepaint.blogspot.com

  9. I love your space. You have a great eye for details! Looks like home sweet home to me!

    Have a great day!

    Blessings ~ Becki