Sunday, September 13, 2009


What a fun Saturday! Ashley, Tony and Lucy arrived first as we waited for the Carrie Nation parade. This will be the last parade to watch from our front porch (sniff, sniff) and I wanted to be here! This has become such a tradition and I will miss it so much. Ashley had Lucy dressed so darn cute, don't you love the big flower?
Sydney is in awe of the people and anticipation for the parade to get here!

FINALLY! Here it comes!

There's nothing like the high school band to get you in the spirit!
Oh My!! The dancehall girls from the Carrie Nation play.
My two new friends from town. Janie (from the coming Zanie Janie's Roasted Coffee) and Cathy (from My Sweet Holly). Go girls!
Even Buddy dog got in on the action. (Sydney's dog.)
Then here they came. Dick (hubby) driving new GMC Terrain and Abbey peeking out of the sunroof.
Hi Papa!
Me and my little Lucy.
Ashley, Tony and Lucy.
Rich, Val and Sydney.
After the parade I had to get to the shop (I had hired someone to open for a couple hours). The town was hopping and it was so much fun to see all the festivities going on. At 2:00, I had to put a sign on the door and go watch Abbey in the Carrie Nation Play - this is her second year.
Loved the hat - borrowed from her friend Shey.
Carrie Nation herself!
Two of my best girls! Ashley and Abbey, I don't know what I'd do without them!

We all went back to the shop for awhile and both girls got to come with me. After Ashley took Lucy home, I got a big surprise. Gannon walked in to tease me and Amanda and the other kids waited on the sidewalk. It was about time to close the shop, so we all went over to have some fun in the kids area. They all had a ball on this big slide.

Oh what would a festival be without pony rides??? Abbey and Jack.
Jack (sorry it's sideways - don't know how to turn it).
Ellie and me.
We also had to feed some of the animals. Gannon loved these goats.

Jack and Ellie were facinated by the little burro.
Amanda had to take a picture to see how tall Gannon was getting. He's been trying to catch up and beat me for a long time! (ALMOST THERE!!!)
The hoola-hoops were also a big hit. Abbey had 6 going at one time!
Gannon gave it his best try!
And little Ellie loved it too!
Abbey, Ellie and Gan all got "tattoos" before we left. Abbey got a horse - of course.
Gannon got a wolf (and Ellie got Scooby Doo).
What a great, fun afternoon with my grandchildren. There just isn't anything better in the whole world!
Dick and Tony had to go to Rich's surprise bachelor party, so I took a couple little steaks, corn on the cob and tomatoes over to Ashley's house and we cooked dinner and ate together while the guys were gone. Of course Abbey had to come home with us to spend the night and we all got up early to meet at the pancake breakfast at the fire station this morning.
Our Kim's mom (Sharon) is working at the shop this afternoon for me while we go to an ice cream social at the nursing home with my dad. Should be another fun day with family. Hope you all have had a great weekend too!
Until next time...


  1. What a wonderful day of family fun....thank you for sharing such wonderful times Dawn!


  2. Dawn,
    Thanks for sharing such a fun wonderful day with us. Enjoy your visit with your dad.

  3. Thanks for sharing your day, looks like the weather was wonderful for it! Such cute grandkids enjoying the day with their gram!

  4. What beautiful grandkids!! I bet it was bittersweet watching the parade from your porch since it will be the last, boy you had "front row seats"!! Thank's for the great post!

  5. life doesnt get any better then this...what fun enjoying the grands and having such great weather too....looks like everyone had a blast...been thinking about ya lately....hope you are selling lots...

  6. Seems your wonderful little town has many festivals and events for the community. How wonderful.
    I so enjoyed all the photos!