Thursday, September 3, 2009


What a special evening I had tonight! Our Abbey never ceases to amaze me and tonight was no exception. My dad wanted me to pick up a birthday present for her from him, so she went to the nursing home with us tonight and we had a picnic out in the courtyard. When I got there he signed her card, "Love, Grandad", which surprised me so much - he doesn't seem to be able to understand to read any longer. Well, she had decided that he needed some things to cheer him up and she wrapped a whole bag of gifts for him that she thought might help him remember "their" times together. Included were a little box of cars they used to play with, a bright beaded necklace, sunglasses for when he went outside, books they always read, balloons, a picture she had colored, a card she wrote, and lots more. When she goes to visit, Dad just lights up. He loves her with his whole heart. The best were the two pennies she put in the bag, so they could both make a wish in the fountain. I could have cried! She pushes his wheelchair, helps him get his food ready, pats and hugs him and just loves to be his "nurse". My heart just swells with pride when I watch this little 7 year-old girl with her 86 year-old great grandpa. Mom, Dad and Abbey.
Dad and Abbey.

The two of them being silly.

Abbey helping unwrap his gifts.
And the two of them making wishes in the fountain.
This will truly be one of those nights I will never forget. Sometimes the best memories are made from nothing that was planned. I love you Abigail Dawn, thanks for being my granddaughter.
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  1. You have one special granddaughter there. What a wonderful person she is -- and still so young. Definitely a special evening. Thanks for sharing it with us -- it touched me to the heart.

  2. A very special memory indeed Dawn and Abbey is a lucky little girl to have gotten to know her Great Grandad!....thank you for sharing your family with us.


  3. What a wonderful thing for Abbey to do! Wonderful pictures that beautifully captured a very special day, indeed!

  4. What a beautiful post. It had me tearing up! That's one special granddaughter you have there! ~~Annie

  5. Dawn,
    I got tears in my eyes while reading this post. How very special for Abbey and your dad to have such a wonderful bond with each other. This is something that Abbey will remember and cherish for the rest of her life. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.
    hugs, Cindy

  6. Those pictures are priceless, Dawn. What a special little girl she is and a very special dad you have.

  7. How beautiful Dawn.
    Children do and say things straight from their hearts with no qualms or second thought. It's like it is! Precious.

  8. She is one very special girl. Had tears in my eyes reading this. The smile on your Dad's face says it all!!

  9. What a wonderful memory your grandaughter has made for not only you - but herself!!! My heart feels so full just reading this post!!

    I read some older posts of yours and discovered that you are doing what I want to be doing in the future - after I retire from my current job!! Have a country shop and do classes for crafts as well!! I'm sure this works great for you and your customers/friends!! Someday I will pick your brain for your vast knowledge on this!! Thanks again for your great blog!!

  10. That was so sweet and brought tears to my eyes! I am sure it will be a special time that both you and your dad will remember!