Friday, September 25, 2009


Good Friday morning prim friends! Hooray!!! I got a new memory card last night - finally. Can't wait to get to the shop and get some new pictures to share with you. Isn't it funny how lost you are without the camera now? These morning glories are so beautiful each day as I leave for the shop. There's something magical about these flowers - how do they know when it's morning???
This is my new little car. Not quite as big as the Escape, but at least the back seats fold down and I can haul quite a few things. Sure is fun to drive!
I so wish I would have had my camera at the shop yesterday. I had a couple visit from Japan, we made it through some of the language barrier, and she was enthralled by the Sweet Annie wreaths I was making. She wanted to know if I had any "sheets" - which ended up being "seeds". I gave her quite a few pieces to take with her. Later she came back and wanted to take my picture making the wreaths - FOR HER BLOG! We exchanged business cards and I can't wait to look up her blog in Japan - but I left her card at work! It was so interesting and proves what a small world this really is.
Well, tonight is rehearsal and tomorrow is my step-son's (I hate that word) Rich's wedding. Three of the grandchildren are in it, but they will all be there. Our Gannon and Abbey LOVE to dance, so they will have a ball. Hope the babies make it through!
I'm going to try my first spray tan this morning. I'm a little nervous about getting it done, but I can't put these white arms in a black dress! I just worry about it looking TOO fake.
I so wish my dad could go to the wedding, but tomorrow morning I am taking him coffee and donuts to celebrate my birthday with me. I think the wedding would just be TOO confusing to him.
So after this weekend, the contractors only have to put up the trim and set our cupboard and sink and we will be ready to paint! Can't wait to see it come to life and get ALL PRIMMED UP! WOO HOO!!! As sad as I was to leave our wonderful old house, I'm getting kind of excited about a simpler lifestyle. (Seems like I'm never home anymore anyway!) What you can do with a blank canvas!
Well ladies, time to try out this spray tan thing! I know I'm going to be a little late for work, but weddings only happen once in a blue moon.
Have a great fall weekend!
Until next time...


  1. Good morning, Dawn.
    Good luck with your spray tan. I've never done that either. I really like the look of your new car. Can't wait to see some pics of the shop now that you got a new memory card. Have a wonderful time at the wedding.

  2. Happy Birthday, Dawn!! Have a great time at the wedding. I hope you're feeling better than the last time I saw you!

  3. Dawn,
    Happy Birthday!!...and good luck with the spray tan. Can't wait to see more photos of your shop! Love your new car. Yes, we are still planning a trip to MI in October. I'll keep you posted cuz we are planning a trip to take my in-laws to Tenn. also.
    Have a wonderful time at the wedding.

  4. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your donuts with your dad! Can't wait to see your new place coming together. Make sure and take lots of pic's along the way.
    Have a good weekend!

  5. Happy Birthday Cuz, I really like the new car and hope you are having a great time at the wedding tonight. Hope we can get together soon.
    Love, Ruth Ann