Wednesday, September 16, 2009

OH NO...

I just put my memory card into the computer to do my new post and something broke on the memory card! OHH NOO! I had such great pictures to show you too - DARN!
Oh well, guess this will be a no picture post. We got in more new goodies at the shop this weekend, with more to come tomorrow. New signs, handmades, a wonderful reproduction pumpkin man candy container, old ladders, a trunk (that sold today) and so much more. Guess you'll just have to come visit until I get a new memory card.
We had fun tonight, I got my new (used) car and I just love it. It's a little vanilla cream PT Cruiser. Not as big as my Ford Escape, but it will work for a lot of small things I have to haul. (We still have the Jeep and Dad's old truck.) At least it's not a lease vehicle, that just did not work with the miles that I put on! I'm going to go take my Dad cruising for a little while tomorrow after work, he'll enjoy getting out for a ride.
Our friend from Tennessee (Conrad) came to spend the night tonight too. He is heading for Toronto to deliver a boat and tries to stop by on his way through. It was so nice to catch up and see each other again. He wanted to see the shop, so we made a pit stop in town. I won't be surprised if he gets into some of these prim goodies for his new lake house in Tennessee!
I talked to my best buddy (Connie) in Tennessee today and she helped decorate for the fall open house at Rebecca's Thyme in Pigion Forge. If you ever get to that area, be sure to check out this wonderful shop. She has great prim goodies galore and the setting is just great. Connie is her "Funky Tennessee Artist" if you ever get on her website.
Well, the drywall started going up in our new "home" today. Sure makes a difference when you can actually see "walls"! Can't wait to start decorating - maybe by the first of the month. I'd sure like to get moved before the cold Michigan weather hits. At least I can start seeing where the furniture can go and how it will look.
Sorry about the pictures girls, but...
Have a great day tomorrow and I'll be off to buy a new memory card!
Until next time...


  1. oh no!! I hope you can get a new memory card in your "spare time". I Hope you are liking what you see when the walls are done. I'll cross my fingers and toes that it gets done ASAP!!

  2. Hey there!
    I've been to Rebecca's Thyme before!
    I hope to get to go again while we're on vacation in October....I just got a postcard in the mail last week for her Open House event when your friend will be there!!
    Small world!

    Have a good day!

  3. Well shukky darn! Hope it isn't stuck for good!

  4. Sorry about your card; I hope you get all things worked out.

  5. I hope you get your memory card working again Dawn!


  6. Dawn,
    Sorry to hear about the memory card...hope all the pictures aren't lost forever.
    I'm not sure what happened as blogger has been freezing up on me and I couldn't get to anyone's blog. Well, my computer guy(DH) fixed it for me. I kept wondering why I wasn't seeing any new post from you and I just realized that you had disappeared from my blogger I came over to your blog and somehow I wasn't a follower anymore. So, I fixed that and had to catch up on reading a few post back. Sure hope I didn't lose a bunch of other blogs that I follow...guess I'll find out.
    And now it won't let me leave a reply with my Wordpress I leave one with my Google ID.