Wednesday, September 30, 2009


WOW - FALL IS HERE IN A BIG WAY! It has sure been cold in Michigan for a couple of days - and it's supposed to get down to 24 degrees tonight! Wish I would have remembered to cover my Mom's tomatoe plants, oh well.
Lots of things are happening around Holly Hills Primitives. Last night we had our first class of the season. Carol Berger taught the "captured witch in the jar" and the gals seemed to have a great time. We are offering dinner with their class this year and it makes it a lot easier for the working girls! Next week is our soldered necklace class taught by Kari Wolf. I'd like to introduce you to my new "neighbor". Janie from Zanie Janie's Coffee opened her doors tonight. Tomorrow I am going to move furniture around and we are going to open the French doors between our shops so customers can shop and then go have a great cup of coffee. She is a coffee roaster, so she will be offering fresh roasted beans, ground coffee by the bag, or just a plain old good cup of coffee. I'm so lucky to have gotten such a great neighbor and I think we are going to be a good fit!
Janie behind her new counter - decorating still to come!

Janie's new roaster - what a monster!
We decorated her windows after this picture was taken. I'm going to furnish her decor and it will all be for sale! Hope you stop in to say "hi" and try her coffee.
Saturday is the Holly antique show. The main street will be blocked for antique vendors, there will be a bluegrass band, the farmer's market will be going strong, and, of course, we will have more antiques added by this weekend. Can't wait to see what pops up around town.
Next Wednesday is the last car cruise for the year. It is the Halloween Super Cruise and the sponsors are encouraging costumes and candy. I'm going to give a 15% discount on all Halloween if customers come in their costumes.
On Friday night (Oct. 9), the town is having a Witch's Nite Out - at least some of the shops - so I'm busy planning what we can do! If my customers show up in something "witchy", I will give 30% off all Halloween and fall decor. My Ashley is going to help bake some goodies and I'm trying to get our Terri to play music in the shop.
So, life is busy in Holly this week and next. Hope we see you in town soon.
Until next time...

Monday, September 28, 2009


And it was finally time for a wedding! Bride's and Mother of the Bride's shoes and purses matched and were just waiting for the moment to slip into them. Val (our new daughter-in-law) and Sydney (our granddaughter) having a little hug before it was time to get into their dresses.
Jack and Ellie all ready to go. Jack wasn't too sure about this tux business!
Jack, Amanda (our other daughter) and Ellie. Aren't they beautiful!?
Amanda trying to keep the kids clean and ready!
THE GROOM, Rich, full of anticipation.
Dick (hubby) and our handsome Gannon.
Me and our first best boy - Gannon.
Jack and Ellie ready to go up the aisle.
Rich and Val saying their vows. They looked stunning!
Jack had had enough of standing, he just decided to set down and take a little break!
Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Rich Rossell!
Dick's sister Judy with our little Lucy.
Just can't get enough of these two!
Time to cut the cake.
Two tired little kids and their dad (our son-in-law Greg).
Me and my girls - Me, Ashley, Kim with Lucy, Amanda and Tricia.
Me, my kids and my mom.
UMMM, that cake is good - sorry it's out of order.
The bridal dance...
Brother and sister dance - Ashley and Rich.
Amanda and Greg.
And let the party begin!!! Dick and Abbey.
I had to get in on the Cha-Cha slide with Abbey and Gannon.
Rich and Val with big sister, Amanda.
Greg and Ellie.
Little miss dancing machine a/k/a Peanut.
Daughter Tricia and hubby Tad - all the way from Oregon.
And then it was over. A great time was had by all and now the bride and groom are in Jamaica having a wonderful time in the sun. What a fun way to celebrate my birthday - with all my favorite people! Congratulations Rich and Val!
Until next time...

Friday, September 25, 2009


Finally, back to pictures of some great new things we have in the shop! I was SOO lost without my camera! It's hard to see in the front window, but it is loaded with witch goodies, tin chandelier and spooky cobwebs! We have lots of bittersweet, Sweet Annie and wreaths to offer.
It isn't quite fall without a Sweet Annie wreath! So wonderful to hang by your back door - what an aroma for visitors!

Isn't this child's ironing board adorable!? $29.95

One of several new witches! Starting at $16.95
Lots of Halloween (and other) necklaces made by Kari. From $14.95 to $24.95

Another Sweet Annie wreath. $29.95
Cute wooden witch sign. $24.95

These handmade baby hats, mittens and booties are just the sweetest things! What great shower gifts. $24.95/set
Terri and I had the best time making these colonial sugar cones and they smell so yummy. $7.95/ea.
Cutest old chippy tan kitchen cupboard with the pull-out cutting board. $94.95
More wreaths, ornies and Sweet Annie ($9.95/bunch)

Great old bench filled with Halloween goodies.

Halloween is everywhere!
This reproduction candy container is the best! Take off his top hat and fill with candy. $29.95
Turkey/Thanksgiving sign. $19.95
Halloween sign. $19.95
Bunches of bittersweet. $9.95/bunch
Keep watching cuz I'm supposed to get in LOTS more by next Tuesday! Can't wait - even if some of it is Christmas (can you believe that) - there will still be lots for now.
Tonight was my step-son's (hate that word) wedding rehearsal. It was so much fun to watch the grandchildren having such a great time.
Rich and Val getting ready to take the plunge!
Step-daughter Tricia and her husband, Tad, flew in from Oregon this morning. Hope we get a chance to spend a little one-on-one with them.
Granddaughter Sydney - one of the flower girls.
Granddaughter Ellie (a/k/a Peanut - she calls me Grandma Peanut), another flower girl. She is truly the dearest little girl.
Grandson Jack (making a funny face) will be a ring "Barrier" (as Gannon used to call it.)
Granddaughter Caroline - next to the youngest of all of our grandchildren.
And finally, my "first best boy" Gannon. He better save his old grandma a dance!
Well gals, hope you have a wonderful weekend. This is going to be a busy one for us! What a great way to celebrate my birthday - to be surrounded by my family at a giant party (um, wedding)!
Hope to starting painting and taking some pictures for you next week.
Until next time...