Monday, October 25, 2010


Good morning! Whew, we made a whirlwind overnight trip to the Little House Saturday night to check on some things. I always feel cheated when we only stay one night! We took Abbey with us and had a ball. Guess what we did on the way home?
Yup, had to stop and get more pumpkins. Chad and Kim (son and daughter-in-law) have a yearly tradition of going to Ashley and Tony's (daughter and son-in-law) house to carve pumpkins with Abbey and now Lucy. I offered to pick up more pumpkins up north, since the price was so reasonable! Ashley made a big pot of white chicken chili and they have a ball. I love to see our grown children making their own traditions. They go back to trick or treat on Halloween too!
I wanted to try to share pictures of THE HOUSE in Holly that everyone loves for the holidays. The pictures don't do it justice, but it is decorated so beautifully. I can't even imagine how many pumpkins are lit outside! There are white lights all through the cornstalks, bales of straw and pumpkins everywhere!
These two guys decorate for every season and it is exquisite. Wait until you see Christmas!
They even have a candy corn tree. It has three colors of lights and they are just perfect! Sure wish the pictures would have shown it a little better.
Well, today is sewing, sewing, sewing day (at least until late afternoon). I want to run up to see Dad for awhile and then grandson Jack is having his first sleepover. He has finally decided that he is old enough to come by himself! Then tomorrow I'm locking myself in for the entire day. I have SOOOOO much to get done and the ideas are just swimming in my head! I have one more week until it all comes to the shop.
Hope you all have a wonderful week and are busy little elves getting ready for the upcoming holidays.
Until next time...

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