Thursday, October 14, 2010


Good evening prim friends. Wow! This is sure a busy time of year! (BUT SO MUCH FUN!) Yesterday Sharon and I drove down to Columbus, Ohio to the market to buy some Christmas goodies for the shop and back again. After a combined 8 hours in the car, we were both sure ready to get home. We had a great time, laughed until our stomachs ached and did a lot of brainstorming for the shop.
Today I got everything priced and went through everything else that I have ready to put out for the holidays. As soon as Halloween is over...
It is always so good to get home in the evenings and turn on all of the little lights that make this home. Can you tell I love pumpkins on the mantles (both up north and here)?
This is my little "stitching spot". I love to snuggle in at night and stitch away while spending time my with dear hubby.
The sun was streaming in Tuesday morning and hit the wood stove just right. It won't be long until the fires are burning and Christmas lights will be going up.
I am so excited! I am doing another show on November 13. "A Christmas Tradition" is presented by The Pig In The Poke and should be such a great show - prims only! Mark your calendars and be there by 10 a.m.! The show will run until 4 in the afternoon behind Homestead Antique Mall at 225 Hetzler Court, Angola, Indiana. If you've ever been to a show put on by Pig In The Poke, you won't be disappointed. It will be a crazy weekend! The night before (Nov. 12th) is our downtown Holly Ladie's Nite Out, then load up the goodies and head for Angola. I'm so lucky that Sharon and Carol will both be helping me with the show and I promise to bring some great prims! Hope to see you there.
Well, time to get some sleep. Another big day tomorrow.
Until next time...


  1. Everything looks cozy and inviting!!

  2. Dear me girl.....I DON'T know how you do all that you do!!! Glad you are having so much fun - I go to C&C on the 25th...hoping to find some goodies to share with our customers - meanwhile I am stitching away too!! XO, Judy

  3. ...PS Thank goodness it is only 25 minutes away from home...LOL!!!

  4. I love the soft glow of lights in a makes it feels so cozy and relaxing.
    I can see why you like to snuggling into that inviting.
    Have a great weekend...and looking forward to seeing what goodies you bought for the shop!

  5. So inviting! Next time you come to comumbus stop by and pick me up for your shopping trip! I wanna come! ;)

    Carmen and the Primcats

  6. Best wish for your open house..just got lost in this wonderful blog!! I will be back! cindy

  7. Your stitching spot looks so cozy! I hope to visit your wonderful shop someday soon! Catherine

  8. I love the lights glowing and a cozy spot. you make the world a cozy warm place.

  9. Your home appears so warm and cozy, your'e stitching nook oh so comfy. Can't wait to see what wonderful items you purchased for the shop.