Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Good evening everyone! Just wanted to check to see if you're all still out there after this horrible weather we have been having. The wind blew so hard today that I even had to bring my sign in at the shop - it would have ended up at the other end of the block!
So many things are happening around the shop and our great little village. First of all, Halloween will be out the door of the shop by Sunday afternoon. I will be closed on Monday and Tuesday to do a Christmas redo - and I am SOOOO ready (at least mentally)! I have been having marathon sewing times lately trying to get ready. Yesterday I made snowmen, Santas and dolls for 14 hours straight - whew!
For those of you that live close enough to visit, I thought you might like to see a lit of the upcoming events at the shop and around Holly:
November 3rd - Christmas will finally be at Holly Hills Primitives, with more coming on a daily basis for quite awhile.
November 6th - 33rd Annual Holly Holiday Art & Craft Show from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at Holly High School, 6161 E. Holly Rd., Holly, MI
November 12th - Downtown Holly Ladie's Nite Out from 5-9 p.m. This is a night geared for women's shopping. The town will be dressed with pink lights and balloons. There will be treats and specials in most shops, door prizes, and lots of surprises. We will have an author booksigning and selling the children's book "Mystery At The Birdfeeder". Come in and have some special Surre Cake and more.
November 13th - A Christmas Tradition show put on by Pig In The Poke from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 255 Hetzler Court, Angola, IN. This is a totally prim show filled with antiques, folk art and needful necessities. One you won't want to miss!
Starting the Saturday after Thanksgiving and the three following will be our Annual Dicken's Festival. A great time for families and friends. Holly is turned into a Dicken's village right down to the carriage rides!
December 9th - Fashion Through The Ages organized by Marta's Loft from 6-10:30 p.m. at the historical Holly Hotel. There will be a fashion show, dinner and wonderful prize drawings. Dress in your favorite period attire from Victorian to the present. Tickets are available at Marta's Loft and are $40. Space is limited, so get your's soon.
Hope I get a chance to see some of you at these events, they will be so much darn fun!
Time to put on my p.j.'s and get a little rest!
Until next time...


  1. I'll say it again what a Wonderful liitle town you live in would love to visit sometime. Glad you came through the storm okay ... crazy weather we are getting. Good Luck on you Shop Transformation cant wait to see photos for the Christmas Season.
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  2. Can I move to your home town, it always seems like there is just sooo much going on. I look forward to your posts about all of the activities that take place there. Sounds like you have a full plate going on right now. Have fun!!! (millstonemercantile)

  3. I love how your town has so much going on for the community...sure does help the storeowners.
    "Mayberry" at it's finest!!!
    Maybe Connie will pick me up and take me to on her way to your wonderful town and sweet store!!! Fondly, Judy

  4. Thanks for stopping by the blog, Dawn! Have fun setting up for Christmas! I've started mine and hope to finish today... but, you know how it always takes longer than you think. I felt the same way... time to switch seasons in the store... as shop owners I think we are always thinking a season ahead and what the next display can look like!
    Have fun! Sound like you have a busy time ahead!