Sunday, October 17, 2010


I have some exciting news I wanted to share! On Holly's Ladies Nite Out, November 12 from 5-9, Holly Hills Primitives and Zanie Janie's Simply Coffee will be honored to have a booksigning by Wayne Brillhart with his beautiful book "The Mystery At The Birdfeeder". The books will be for sale and Mr. Brillhart will be with us to sign. This is a wonderful, educational story that would be a great Christmas gift for any family. There will more on this a little later.
Oh my, what a few sunflower seeds will do! Dick put some out yesterday morning and the ducks had a field day in the back yard. They looked like little soldiers coming up over the bank from the canal.
I think we must have had somewhere between two to three dozen of them. Sure wish the grandchildren could have been here to see them!
Then last night we had a ball! We had a wonderful dinner at the Fenton Hotel with Janie and Steve and then met up with other downtown merchants at the Moose Lodge to see our downtown mailman (John) and his band. They play mostly 60's rock and roll and they were really good. We ate too much and then danced most of it off before we came home and crashed. Guess we are getting old! The best part was to see the support of our town for our local mailman. I love small towns.
We had a relaxing Sunday morning and then we went up to the nursing home to visit Dad. He had sadly been slipping the last couple of months, but I wouldn't trade one hour that we have together for anything. I took him cute little brownies and chocolate covered strawberries for Sweetest Day.
After we left the nursing home, we headed for daughter Amanda's house for our "birthday" dinner. The poor girl has been trying to do this for us for almost a month! We had so much fun with four of the grandchildren and got beautiful cards and coffee mugs with the kids pictures on them. The perfect gifts! The dinner was great and so was all of the company.
The week ahead is going to be a BUSY one! Tomorrow I'm going to pick up a couple loads of antiques for the shop and then Tuesday will be a marathon sewing day before I open back up on Wednesday. Whew! It makes me tired thinking about it!
I plan to switch to Christmas the Monday and Tuesday after Halloween, then Ladie's Nite Out is November 12 and the Pig In The Poke Show will be November 13. Crazy days ahead!
Well prim pals, hope you had a wonderful weekend and have lots of creative projects in store for the week ahead.
Until next time...


  1. My gosh Dawn a book signing and what a great topic....we have tons of Geese near us and they're almost tame. They live in the parks and around the water so close to us.

    Enoy your busy week

    Hugs, Karen

  2. Hi Dawn, sounds like you've had just tooo much fun lately!! Love going to pick up truck loads of antiques!!! I was the head bartender at our Moose Lodge for a loooong time!!! Loved making those "Blue" drinks. Have a great and crazy time sewing.(millstonemercantile)

  3. Dawn, First off Big Hugs for your Dad and for you. AND what a weekend you had! I would love to hear more about the Book! One of my hobbies is bird feeding and watching birds...looks like a great book. I hope you have a great week.

  4. You are one of the busiets gals I know!! So much exciting stuff going on for you - WOOHOO!

    I am so sad to hear about your dad though. My mom has slipped away mentally. As my sister said "we lost our mom". She is a shell of a person now. It is so utterly devasting to see a parent slip away, isn't it?? I am sending hugs as well!