Saturday, December 10, 2011


All of the fun continued this morning! We got up early and opened the shop about 9 a.m. The "Run Like The Dickens" 5k and 8k race was taking place and was so much fun to watch! There were hundreds of runners and I couldn't believe the costumes that some of them had on.
There was even a guy dressed up like a Christmas tree!
The Charles Dickens "Christmas Carol" play was acted out several times during the day.
Our village had warming stations set up throughout the town so people could get warm - the temps were only in the 20's! BRRRR!!!
Some of the characters came into the shop to get warm throughout the day. It was so festive and fun.
The very best part of the day was when our Gannon walked in! He had a pass from the hospital and came to spend some time. The good news is that he is coming home on Monday and will be working in the shop with us every Wednesday afternoon.
He got right into the swing of things today. He helped decorate trees, wrap people's purchases, and even carried out packages for our customers.
Gannon, Jack, Ellie and Caroline loved the snowmen! They were so darned cute.
Amanda, Greg and Caroline all enjoyed some hot chocolate at Zanie Janie's!
The ice sculpture across the street was amazing.
This evening Ashley's family came to town and Abbey and Gannon took their annual carriage ride.
These two have done this for several years now and I'm so happy they got to do it together tonight too.
All in all, it was a wonderful day in Holly. We were SOOOO busy, sold so many great prims, and we can't wait to get back there tomorrow for the final day of the Holly Dicken's Festival. It's your last chance for this year, so we hope we get to see you!
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  1. Dawn...we had such nice time yesterday! I am sorry I couldn't spend more time in your shop..but with two little boys on the move..impossible! Brady LOVES that little sled...I don't know who had more fun... him or my husband. I am hoping to make it back to Holly before Christmas..I have a couple of days off. Fire and Ice also makes awesome pizza!

  2. Wonderful news Gannon is coming home~
    Oh, the festivities look like memories of a lifetime~ just beautiful photos~thanks for sharing

  3. I love festivals where the whole town joins in! Thanks for sharing the fun photos. I think I'd need a warm, furry costume if I ran in that race. Glad your shop did so well and that Gannon is coming home. ~Roberta

  4. So glad to hear Gannon is coming home! Looked like the Dickens event was a fun one by all. Loved the family in those snowman. Too cute. Take care and Christmas Blessing to you and your family. Janice

  5. Dawn wish we could see your shop all decorated and be there for the lovely festivals. :0)