Sunday, December 11, 2011


And then it was over. What a great weekend we all had in Holly. The mood was festive, the customers were buying, and it really felt like Christmas! We had a choir from Ann Arbor come into the shop and sing for all of us (plus they probably wanted to get warm). It was so much fun for the customers to be able to shop and listen at the same time.
One of our little granddaughters, Sydney, did a dance with Starstruck Dance Studio our in front of the shop. (She is the one with the dark brown snowpants and hot pink tutu.) I'm so glad that Dick was there with me this year so he was able to watch her.
Ken McKaye (from McKaye's Hardware) drove the horse and buggy all weekend, but today he parked this beautiful sleigh in front of our shop for people to use for their holiday pictures. What a wonderful gesture.
A LOT of Christmas goodies sure left the shop during the weekend, so Dick and I are brainstorming new ideas for January already. When we reopen the store on Wednesday, all Christmas will be marked down by 30% except battery candles and lights. Come on in and pick up your last minute gifts and decorations.
Well friends, it is time for jammies and a pillow and blankie on the couch for this shopkeeper. We'll be talking again soon.
Until next time...


  1. Beautiful hometown~ Wow~ just amazed out how much time, work, and fun was put into it~ a real treat for all of you~ thanks so much for sharing really enjoyed it, felt like I had a piece of the magic~

  2. Hi Dawn,
    Every time I come on here your town is doing something fun...along with your fun is that.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. I have always wanted to go to this!! One day I will! Looks like we aren't going to have a white Christmas!! Bummer! Thanks for sharing!! XO Fran.