Wednesday, December 28, 2011


WOO HOO! Time to start playing in the shop again, and play we did. I'm leaving Christmas at 50% off for the rest of the week and then it is going to GO! But, I wanted to share some of the great reproductions we are getting in right now with many more to come. I'm crazy about this tinderbox brown dough box. It has leather "hinges" on the top and would be a great end table or storage in any room.

Another really cute piece is the screened, table-top pie safe. Couldn't you just see it filled with antique tins and battery candles in a kitchen?

We got another primitive sink in that is just prim perfect! It can hang from the wall from an old leather strap. It has a rusty bucket for the "sink", a ledge with a candle holder and battery candle, mirror held on with leather straps, a soap dish with soap, an old shaving mug and brush, and a wire towel holder with towel. What a great conversation piece!

This mustard bench is also a cutie. Just right for a mud room to keep hats and mits in.

BUT, the cream of the crop should be at the shop by tomorrow or Friday. I'm SO crazy about this dry sink! The picture does not do it justice, it's lots darker and looks way more prim. A matching shelf/cupboard will be following soon. I'm hoping to have one of these in our home soon too!
We should be having LOTS of new goodies in after January 13th, but things are trickling in daily now. My friend Peggy came to visit today and got my creative juices flowing with lots of new ideas. The handmades will be flowing in now! You'll have to see some of the new stitcheries - a whole new style for the beginning of the new year.
Can you tell I'm getting excited to share?
More new news - we will be starting a selling blog very soon - so keep watching.
Hope you're all keeping warm on this cold evening. The thermometer said it was 14 degrees here in Michigan tonight. A great night to cuddle up in a blanket and stitch the evening away.
Until next time...


  1. Dawn, I would love to own any of those wonderful reproductions, however, it would be the shipping charges that would do me in. Glad to read you had a wonderful Christmas, sending wishes for a happy New Year, Julie.

  2. wow,can't wait to check out your selling blog. denise

  3. Way to cool....everything is gorgeous.
    Looove the Mustard dry sink.
    Now what do you do with all the left over Christmas after the SALE? Just curious.

  4. Hi Dawn.
    Some really nice things you have. Great reproductions. Can't wait to see your selling Blog.

  5. WOW Dawn!! You are getting some pretty awesome pieces in the shop!! Wonder if Santa would drop me off on his way back to the north pole???

    Have a wonderful weekend!! big hugs!!

  6. Good morning Dawn...I too am in love with the dry sink!! Sure would look good in my shop or MY HOME!!!! Have a great week!

  7. Your shop looks wonderful. I LOVE the dry sink I saw.
    Have a wonderful and Happy New Year!