Saturday, December 24, 2011


What a wonderful "kick-off" to our Christmas holiday we had tonight. Dick, Mom and I went to daughter Amanda's home and celebrated with her beautiful family. This is the first time in 36 years that I haven't hosted the holiday. We had a great meal, opened gifts and had a great time. Great-grandma read a story to Caroline with her new "Abigail" talking bunny.

Ellie looked so adorable in her "sock monkey" hat!

Caroline finally got her own tea set. Now she won't have to sneak into Ellie's room to play with her's anymore.

Jack squealed when he opened his "Pirates of the Caribbean" ship!

Then it was Gannon's turn! He thought we only brought him a couple of gifts. Oops! We brought in his special gift - a new guitar. He was so happy and thankful. He was my special gift this year, I'm so happy he was home from the hospital and we were able to spend the holiday together. Nothing could have been better!

Then it was time to put the reindeer dust outside - some oatmeal for the reindeer and a little glitter so the stars can glisten and the reindeer can find their way. And of course cookies for Santa...

And is anything much more precious than children listening to the old favorite - Twas the Night Before Christmas? I could have cried.
I hope all of you out there in blogland have a magical, wonderful Christmas filled with love and happiness!
Until next time...


  1. Sharing Christmas thru the eyes of our grands,,, so magical. Dawn, I am so thankful Gannon was home. Such a great gift for him. Such a treasured photo of your Mom reading to Caroline. I use to get a tea set every year for Christmas. I have a huge glass jar full of mini ones to this day. Jack is so cute. That photo sure shows his excitement. Love that last picture.So sweet. This has really been an emotional Christmas for me but definitely a good one. Waiting this morning for the call to go to Holly's for breakfast before church and see what Santa brought Darbee Rae. Enjoy your day and Merry Christmas to you all.

  2. Merry Christmas Dawn and Dick.