Sunday, September 2, 2012


Good Sunday afternoon Prim Pals! What a hectic time it has been around Holly Hills Primitives! (Good hectic though.) We are continuing with our September Super Saturdays with live music from Gary Musgrave and new merchandise every Saturday. I wanted to pop in and show you some of the new pieces we have in the shop, but first...
I have to tell you about the fun we had with Earlene and Norm last night. They came over to the shop and then we walked down the street to Blackthorn's for a great dinner. Earlene ordered a Sangria and it was beautiful - any yummy too. We came back to our house afterwards and so enjoyed the company of two new friends. See what blogging can do???
Now on to the furniture. I'm beyond crazy for this new cupboard. It is so prim, and just the perfect size for any room. Love how the "handle" is carved out and worn and the lines are great.
For you gals that would like the look of a "buttery", but can't afford a huge piece of furniture. This new shelf and crock bench will give you the look.
The shelf has old leather "hinges" and the cutest latch. Pegs across the top and plenty of shelf space.
The crock bench is longer than some and has plenty of room to showcase crocks, firkins, wooden buckets and more. There is also the greatest "spoon holder" that will also store more of your kitchen prims.
The make-do settle is just the right size. Very grubby neutral with black chair legs. Make-do chairs will be coming soon.
Be watching for an update on our selling blog for LOTS of new prim wares a little later on. These canisters have been a best seller! Now it's on to creating to be ready for The Place We Call Home Gathering this weekend. Hope some of you can make it, there will be a HUGE amount of great merchandise to choose from. Until next time...


  1. I love everything Dawn.
    I can't wait to see you next Friday!

  2. Love, love, love those pieces, Dawn! They are just perfect. Sounds like you had a nice time with Earlene last evening! I am hoping to make it to the Granary on the 22nd for the sale.

    FYI...I am using more self-tanning lotion...but the kind that tans gradually NOT overnight! And I'm only using it on my arms.....I figure if it comes out streaky and spotty...I'll just have to keep my arms moving really really fast at the wedding!!

  3. I just love seeing pictures of your shop! Sounds like you had a fun evening!

  4. Wow Dawn, what beautiful wood pieces you have now. Great looking Make Do Settle.

    Please come over to my blog and read about my challenge - I'm asking anyone who has a blog to tell us all how you came up with the name of your blog and how long you have been doing it.
    So come on over and join in.


  5. Love it all Dawn...good luck at all of the upcoming shows...I know you will do GREAT!!!! Call me this week if you have a spare minute.

  6. ~~DROOLING over everything! I hope you are having a nice Labor Day~~

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  8. Looks wonderful~ I want it all~ giggles~ so glad Earlene & you could visit again~
    have a great time at the gathering~