Sunday, September 23, 2012


Oh boy! What a day we had yesterday! It started out chilly with a little sunshine peeking out while we were all setting up our booths at The Old Granary in Quincy, MI. This is the third year we were able to do the Gathering On The Lawn with Joann at her beautiful shop.
After we got our booth set up, I got to take a look around at the other vendor's things and go through Joann's shop. (Which, by the way, is wonderful!)
We were so lucky to be under the big tent with two other primitive booths. We had one whole end, and it worked out so well.
But then, the rains came and came and came! Don't know if you can see the water pouring off the roof of the tent. The temps didn't get above 47 and we were all freezing. It was amazing though! Good old prim shoppers braved the storms and still came out - along with the thunder.
If that wasn't enough, the hale came crashing down THREE different times. Poor Joann had to sweep her brick walkways, because it was so thick! Even with the bad weather, we still had a great time, sold some goodies, got orders for more furniture, and spent the day before shopping and found a wonderful surprise that will be at the shop soon! Thank you Joann for another great opportunity. We always love to come to this event - rain or shine - and celebrate the beginnings of fall. Until next time...


  1. So glad I heard about The Gathering from your blog (and email). My friend and I drove out from Ypsilanti and had a wonderful time, in spite of the weather. We both found some wonderful treasures! Fortunately, we were inside of the Granary when the first round of hail came. :( It definitely was a cold day but we made the best of it...stopped in Allen and found more treasures. Looking forward to another road time to Holly Hills! :)

  2. I could not believe the hail Dawn! I felt so bad for all the vendors. I was in her shop when it hit and it was hard...and you guys were out in it!
    Rest up!

  3. It was great to see you both, and you guys are real troopers! I worried about rain, but never thought it would hail like it did! All of you had such nice things, it's such a shame the weather was so bad! Now it's my turn to come up and see you and your shop! I love all the pictures you post on your blog, I can hardly wait! Keep me posted on the dates! Thanks for everything!


  4. Dawn, I am so glad to hear you all were safe during those storms. And I think this is the first time ever after reading your post that I am GLAD I was not in MI. So cold already and hail too? Sounds like fall is starting out with a bang. Can't wait to see your goodies at the shop. Have a good week

  5. Oh my...rain and hail!! Not what us crafters want to see on show days. There was a small show at a local prim shop yesterday and I heard that the wind was so bad that it blew some tents over...but it never rained here.

  6. I bought my wedding dress in Quincy! Haven't been down that way in years. We were at the Harvest Market at Saltbox Farm this past weekend in Howard City. Thankfully the rain held off until much later in the afternoon. Didn't see any hail though. Will have to look this shop up sometime. Have a delightful day!

  7. Yuk, rain, hail and thunder. But prim shoppers are like the mailmen...will drive through anything I say! Take care, Janice

  8. Outdoor shows are so much fun! ... sorry you had such bad weather. Have had the rain before but, not the hail. Hope all is well!
    Laurie :)

  9. I would say by your photos the weather certainly put a bit of excitment into your day! Hugs, Julie.