Friday, September 7, 2012


Whew! After four LONG days of decorating, our preview night of The Place We Call Home Gathering was a huge success. Peggy and I got to see a lot of old and new customers, listen to great music by Gary Musgrave, and thoroughly enjoy a great evening.
I'd like to invite you to come on in!
You're welcome to listen to Gary play and sing some fantastic music while you wait.
Are you looking for fall goodies! As you can see, there is plenty to choose from!
The old owl flew right out tonight and is being replaced with a witch tomorrow morning.
Peggy and Bob make the most beautiful "gourds"! There are witches, ghosts and pumpkins that all light.
This cupboard is LOADED with fall decor.
Peggy and Theresa (Peggy's mom) are sporting the headbands that all of us wore tonight.
Gina was a real trooper the first day of decorating.
Come on in to the "Christmas Room". There are beautiful pieces of handcrafted furniture, Santas, snowmen and lots more.
The red lanterns are so pretty - especially after the sun went down.
There are SOOOOO many trees to choose from. The "bent" trees are almost 13 feet tall!
An honored guest tonight was Teresa Kogut with her fantastic artwork. She will be here tomorrow from 10-1 to do more signings.
Now lets step into the bedroom. There are wonderful Family Heirloom Weavers textiles all throughout the house.
The Santas are so unusual and the stacking boxes really make a statement.
More trees dress the bedroom.
Alyson and Nicole "manned" the cash registers and wrapping. They both worked so hard all evening. Thanks girls!
And by the end of the evening, we finally talked Debbie into singing with her husband! Early this afternoon, I had the pleasure of spending a little time with Janet from Old Crow Primitives. Wish we could have had the whole day! She is just a delight and I hope she gets a chance to stop back on Sunday. So, there you have it my friends. Time to crawl (literally) into bed and be ready to greet you all by 10 a.m. Until next time...


  1. looks like a great show.....sorry i can't make it dawn....but hope you sell out

  2. As always Dawn a very festive time.
    Your shop is always so fun to look at...imagine being able to shop at it!

  3. Everything looks great! It would be so much fun to be there!

  4. looks awesome!! Wish I didn't live so far away as I would of loved to come up there and do some shopping. Hope you all sell out of everything.

  5. Wow Wow Wow Dawn! that is a LOT of merchandise!
    I hope you had a great sale!
    tons of work you all did.

  6. Looks awesome~ Drooling over all the prim goodies~
    Get some rest~