Monday, May 4, 2009


Sunday was such a fun day! We had Ashley's baby shower and did she get some beautiful things!!! It was a combined shower for Tony's family and our family. It worked out so nice, we used the Holly VFW Hall and could have the kitchen, tables and chairs, bathrooms... Just perfect. Hope you enjoy the pictures of our happy day. The cake was just adorable. Ashley's friend, Jamie, had it done for her. I just loved the little pregnant girl on the top.
Another view!
Ashley and I at the end of the day. It was also her 29th birthday! It seems like just yesterday that I was holding MY new baby!
These are my girls. Ashley and Kim. Kim has been with my Chad for 23 years and I hardly remember our family before she was part of it.
My mom and Ashley. "Great" grandma is so excited to see this new baby!
My dad had been "helping" Dick run the shop, but decided he should come check out the shower. My folks are such an important part in all of our lives.

Ashley and Abbey getting the food line started. We had just WONDERFUL food, lots of salads and much more... (Too much!)
Ashley had lots of little helpers when it came time to open the gifts!

This was the hit of the shower. My friend Connie (from Tennessee) sent matching bathing suits for Abbey and Lucy! They are so adorable!!!
Abbey got some gifts too, which made her feel more a part of the whole affair.
Tony got his "man bag" from my sister and brother-in-law (Hersch and Jan). He had told Ash that he didn't want to carry around a flowery diaper bag when he had the baby! (He was thrilled.)
More cute outfits.
As you can see, there were LOTS of presents to open. She had already received the travel system, the pack and play, her crib mattress and more before the shower.
Now the waiting is on. Lucy (Lucianna) is due at the end of June and I can't wait for that quiet time to just rock her, sing silly songs and get acquainted. Although Abbey has informed me that I have to come up with Lucy's own songs, not the ones I sing to her!
I am SO lucky to have such a great relationship with my son and daughter. Chad was on his way to a seminar in Connecticut yesterday, had a layover in New York (he was doing a little site seeing) and called his sister while she was opening gifts. They are 11 years apart and have always been very close. Ashley was the mascot cheerleader when she was about 3 years old and Chad was playing football. He would finish the game, put her on his shoulders and run her all around the field. Then our Kim is just the icing on the cake!
Thanks for sharing in our special day.
Dick is off work today and the store is also closed. He is going to help me get some things done at the shop so that it is ready for our Ladies Night Out. Better get moving while I have the help!
Talk to you soon...


  1. Oh, how nice everything is and love how everyone included Abby:)
    Have a great Monday!

  2. What a wonderful day indeed! How lucky you are to still have your parents too! Have a lovely Monday! Janet

  3. What a neat cake! Very creative. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. You have a beautiful family.

  4. Great pictures Dawn. Looks like it was a wonderful time! And that cake is absolutely precious. Almost wouldn't want to cut it! Hope to see you on Friday for GNO!

  5. Dawn ~
    What a wonderful day it must have been. I love the cake & such sweet people to include Abby and even a man bag for daddy. Thanks for sharing the pics, grammy.

  6. What a fantastic day! The cake is so darling and all the women in your family are so beautiful and happy. How wonderful that you're all so close. I love the picture of you kissing Ashely's cheek - truly brought tears to my eyes - I miss my mom so much and wish she didn't live so far away.

  7. Dawn....what fun to see your pictures. Exciting - Love the cake! Your daughter looks so pretty and happy! Doesn't look like the rain could put a damper on the shower - and hopefully it will not rain for your Ladies Night Out !! Hugs, Judy

  8. Hi Dawn,
    The cake is so cute! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. Very thoughtful of others to include showers are so much fun!!
    Hope you have a great turn-out for the Ladies Night Out!!

  9. Awwwwwww - what a special day! Ashely is just glowing! And that cake is adorable. Abbey looks delighted to be included. A day to remember I am sure!

    hugs, Linda