Thursday, May 28, 2009


Good evening prim pals! Went to a new source for antiques the other day and you can't believe all the new things we will be getting in. Thought I'd share some of the smalls. The furniture will be delivered soon and I can't wait!!!

My absolute favorite is this large dough bowl with handles. It is very old and in perfect condition. I'm so tempted to take it home, but I probably won't. $135.95
I already had this stack of benches, but thought you might be interested. They range from $19.95 to $39.95

Got this big stack of suitcases that run from $12.95 to $19.95. The scrapbooks in the top suitcase are handmade from old vintage phonograph albums and are on sale for $20.00 each.
Wouldn't this old enamel bowl be great filled with red geraniums? $16.95

Got these reproductions from UPS today, a burgandy plate holder and redware plate. $12.95 each

This little vintage doll bed is adorable. It folds up flat and has rockers on the bottom. $29.95 The little vintage corderoy pants are an old salesman's sample. $19.95

Large vintage cross-stitch. $34.95

This OLD trencher is in beautiful shape. $69.95

Cute little flower cart for a porch or sunroom. $39.95

This croquet set is also an oldy. The cart is all made of metal and all the pieces are still there. $49.95

Large wooden bowl (has a hairline crack in the bottom). $29.95

This is a bundle of old swing-arm curtain rods that are also adjustable. Bundle is $29.95.
Old handmade Scottie dog corner shelf - adorable. $29.95 Also, Scottie dog key holder. $7.95
New reproduction hooked rug. Love the colors (got one for me too). $29.95

Very old soapstone foot warmer (I was told they used them in old buggies). $29.95

Big old sifter. Wouldn't this look great with a wreath inside? $39.95

Another oldy! This is a 3 tine wooden pitchfork. $49.95

LOVE these 8' long flags. Just in time for the 4th! $29.95
If you're in the neighborhood, stop in and see our new goodies. Another order should be coming this week, which will include a prim bath ensemble and lots of textiles.
I will also be getting two antique Hoosiers, a desk with cupboards above, vintage outdoor furniture, tables, chairs, and more!
Remember, if you ever see anything you're interested in, I will ship. Just give me a call or e-mail me anytime!
Again, I'd like to thank all of you for your wonderful comments this past week about my dad. Yesterday was one of the hardest days of my life, we had to admit him to a nursing home and the doctors don't think he will ever be able to live at home again. His speech has improved and we can at least visit. He can remember some things from before the stroke, but his short-term memory only lasts about 5 minutes. His balance was also affected, so walking is a struggle. When I went to leave last night, he just broke down and sobbed. It felt like someone had stuck a knife in my heart. Tonight was a little better, we actually "played" checkers. What an adjustment we all have to make! I'm so proud of him though. Throughout this whole ordeal, he has tried very hard to hold on to his dignity. What a wonderful man! Please don't ever take your loved ones for granted, I'm so glad I never have!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and we'll talk again soon...


  1. Dawn ~
    What wonderful finds ~ love the benches, the old sifter, love it all. I'm so sorry about your dad ~ it's so sad when a parent or a spouse has to go into a nursing home. I hope he adjusts well. Glad to hear you played checkers. Have a great weekend.

  2. Dawn,

    You definitely found some oldies, but goodies!! I love that sifter and the benches are lovely and that enamelware would indeed look great with some gernaiums. Isn't it neat how all of us prim gals think the same thing (lol)?

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


  3. What wonderful finds!
    I have so many favorites...but for some reason the long flag calls to me! Which is funny, because I never thought of myself as an americana collector! LOL
    I am sorry that they had to move your Dad...But maybe he will make great strides there! Playing checkers is a start!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Dawn,
    I can so indentify with having to put your dad in a nursing home. I had to do that with my moma and it was the hardest day of my life:)

    Love all that you have for the store the trenchers are wonderful and love the red enamel bowl too:)

  5. OH Dawn, my heart aches for you! I know that was so hard for you. You did what you had to do for your dad's best interests but I know those words don't mean much when you had to leave him like that. Just know that many of us are or will be in the same position and we are here for you.
    hugs, Linda

  6. Wonderful items.... Love them. My favorites the wooden pieces old trencher,large bowl, sifter and the dough bowl...

  7. Great addditions to your store, Dawn! I may have to make a trip up there this weekend.... maybe.....

    I hope your dad will adjust well to his new home and that you will continue to enjoy your visits!

  8. Dawn - you've found some wonderful things for your shop. I kind of have my eye on that flower cart because it would be perfect for displaying my teacups! Hmmmm. But everything else you got in is wonderful too. I hope that you dad adjusts well to his new home. I'm sure it will be hard at first, but it sounds like he's doing a lot better.

  9. Dawn I'm in awe of your beautiful finds....oh the croquet set is just beautiful!!!!

    And the long funny - today we passed a house around the block from us and they had one hanging from their porch and I told Doug I need one of those.


  10. You sure did get alot of stuff Dawn!....I'm so sorry about your Dad....that is one of my worst fears....I hope you have a busy weekend, take care. Janet