Friday, May 15, 2009


Good evening prim gals. I promised that I would show you the new doll I got last night, but these pictures just don't do her justice. Closeup of her face and crazy hair.
Full doll. Haven't found her "home" yet, but wanted to get a picture of her for all of you. I just love her, but I wish the pictures would have come out better.

I spent most of the day "tweeking" the store. It was such a mess when I got there this morning! I moved the heavy stuff yesterday, but the smalls were EVERYWHERE! I love these long flags and it is perfect on the front of one of the "houses" in the shop.
It's so hard to get a good shot of our little "village", but these are the first two houses.
Then we have the other two houses. One is "Abbey's House" and the blue one is the potty.
Another view.

I moved around some of the summer-gardeny things and tried to get a little sitting area put together.
Wouldn't this be a good spot to have a cup of tea?

What you see when you walk in the front door.
My little fireplace is so much fun (thanks to Debbie). It can be moved anywhere and just makes things feel a little more cozy.
Harvest table with lots of goodies.
New "desk" area. I married this little farm table and book shelf.
This OLD black piesafe is one of my favorites. It is meant to put on a wall and it is an oldie! The handle is an old spool!
Not come on in to the "cabin". This is really just the back wall of the shop, but I just love it.
I put this old white Hoosier top on a white table and used lots of blues with it. I love the roll door on the bottom section.
Other Hoosier with my new BIG hanging towels.
Little black drop-leaf with two chairs. The old toolbox on the top is one of my latest goodies from Debbie.
These noodle boards are so nice and made so well. This one is black and we have one "natural".
So, that was my Friday. Things were really slow again - all through the town. I think everyone is holding their breath waiting to hear about GM. BUT, we will prevail and keep moving forward. So very many of the "country" stores in our area have closed their doors and it makes me so sad. We all need these stores, they are our happy place to go for so many reasons. Whether it be for inspiration, a quick "fix" of prims, ideas for our homes, a day out with our friends, or whatever the reason, we still need to support and keep our prim shops open. Just think about how many blogging friends talk about their day trips to find new shops! There really isn't anything much more fun. The next time you find a prim place that touches your heart, just buy one little towel or candle or SOMETHING that will help these shopowners keep their doors open so we can go back again and again. Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now, but none of us want to see our favorite places become a thing of the past. Thanks for listening.
The highlight of my day was a phone call from Judy at The Cinnamon Stick. She is such a nice lady and it was so much fun to talk to her. One of these days I'd love to make a trip to PA and visit her and some of the other great places out there. I just know I would LOVE her store.
My creative slump has lingered far too long and now I've got a million ideas in my head and can't wait to start sewing again! I couldn't even sleep last night thinking of everything. I sure hope to have lots more things made during this next week - along with digging up the rest of the dreaded sod for my new garden. (Good excuse tonight - it's raining!)
Looking forward to Saturday and Sunday. I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend - whatever you may be doing. Until next time...


  1. I LOVE YOUR STORE DAWN....LOVE IT !!! AND..I love the houses unique!!
    I think it is ME who needs to visit your store! It is the one I have been in search know the one we talked about today that makes your heart skip a beat !!! NINE hours ...big of these days my traveling buddy and I just might surprise you with a visit!

  2. I love, love, love your store! Wish you were close to me as I'm sure I would be a loyal customer! The doll is too cute!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  3. Hi your new doll and your store looks great! answer your question about my shoppe, yes it is in my home, I have transformed a spare bedroom into a warehouse complete with floor to ceiling shelving so my wares are stored in a climate controlled environment and the order packing takes place in there as well, I really enjoy my little shoppe!....with regards to Idol, I keep telling myself that's it's just a show and that it's entertainment so it's supposed to be fun....I just get so emotionally involved though!....oh well, I will buy Danny's album when it comes out....have a lovely weekend! Janet

  4. Hi Dawn,
    OK, I'm coming to MI for sure...not sure when, but I'm coming. I love your shop!!! I enlarged every photo and drooled!!
    I know what you mean about prim shops being our happy places to go...a friend and I went to one today. My 2 favorite kinds of shops to go to are prim shops and quilt shops...they always brighten my day when I go! It also reminds me of the days when I had my shop in Waynesville and when I used to work in a quilt shop. It makes me sad everytime one has to of Waynesville looks like a ghost town now. I remember the days when there was not a empty building in the village.
    Love your doll...she is very prim cute!
    hugs, Cindy

  5. OMGosh Dawn your shop is just perfect...NOW I MUST GET UP THERE AND VISIT YOU!
    Hey Cindy....we'll get a caravan and head on up!!!

  6. hi dawn.....i would love to come up for a visit again...your shop is great and i love how you change everything up so much....this week flew by and we are headed north for the weekend....a much needed vacation....see ya soon

  7. I don't know how you do it, Dawn! Every shot of your shop looks new and fresh and makes me want to run right up there. I am sure that I'll never leave your lovely shop without buying something or several somethings! I love your new doll. See you soon!

  8. Your store looks wonderful! I see so many things I'd love, wish you were closer. Hope you have a good weekend Dawn!

  9. Your store is amazing! I hope to visit it this summer. I live in western PA but I was raised in Bay City so all my relatives are there and DH and I are hoping to see them some time this summer.

    Maybe I'll see you soon :)

  10. Colleen - Do you have a blog or e-mail? Thanks, Dawn

  11. Dawn, I LOVE your shop. I like how you do the houses..we have an antique store near us..called STREET OF SHOPS and they have it set up like your neat! I am really going to come and visit..maybe I can hitch a ride with Judy from The Cinnamon Stick! How cool that you got to chat with her..she is a nice lady and I hope to visit her, too. Thank you for your encouraging email to me this are so nice. I will be in touch. I hope you get lots and lots of sales..If I lived near you I would be your #1 customer! LOVE your store!

  12. I wish I lived closer, you have so many wonderful things. I was trying to look at each picture with the detail of things. I think I love the garden area. Isn't there anyway that you can reach out to people via email, or website.Like enlarging your teritory, to keep your going? Just a thought.