Sunday, May 10, 2009


Strong women is a very important part of our family. My mom has never waivered from the things she believes in, no matter what. She taught me so many valuable lessons throughout my life. I've tried to live up to her expectations and strength and pass it on to my Ashley. Now I watch Ashley doing the same thing for her Abbey and it makes me so proud. It is always easier to say "yes" as a mother, but sometimes it is way more important to say "no". Sometimes your children are so angry at you - for that moment - but they also will always know that you care enough to say "no".
(The sign in the picture above is very dear to me. Just before my friend Connie moved to TN, we went on one of our fun day trips. We ended up at an antique shop in Bay City and they had TWO of these signs. We both bought one and it is a constant reminder of my wonderful friend. Happy Mother's Day Connie!)
I've spent a lot of time on the computer for the last couple of days reading all the tributes to mothers, and they are so beautiful. My own mom will be 86 this month and is still VERY active. I love her dearly and look forward to spending time with her today.
On the other side of the coin is YOU! You are the mothers now. I look at my two children and thank GOD for the joy and happiness they have brought into my own life as a mom. My son Chad is now 40 years old and just a wonderful person. He is caring, sentimental, hard working, and strong. I used to have to get after Chad sometimes when he was little and I would ask him why I was doing it. His answer was always, "Because you love me and you want everyone else to love me too." Yes Chad, and they all do. Ashley is 29 and we get closer and closer. She is a beautiful young woman - inside and out. I am so proud of the mother she has become, the homemaker and the daughter. Isn't it funny how, in the end, you can really see yourself in your children? Both Chad and Ashley live in old houses, have antiques, are very creative... They are both very passionate about the things they care about - especially family. They both make me very proud to celebrate this Mother's Day as one of the lucky mother's out there in this world. I love you both!
As the family circle grows, we now have Kim and Tony as daughter and son-in-law. Kim has been with us for over 20 years and it's hard to remember this family without her. What a very special young woman! Tony is the newest member and he is settling in and getting used to the closeness of our family. Welcome both of you.
(Thank you, Dick, for the beautiful lilacs that you brought to me for our Ladies Night out.)
Now on to other things.
Our Terri, the newest artist at the shop, brought this wonderful doll to Ashley the other night. She is "Real Live Lucy", made in 1959. She has her original clothes and will have a place of honor in our Lucy's new room. What a wonderful gift.
Another mouse design by Terri in an antique sugar bowl. How adorable! $19.95
How about this mouse peeking over the star? $19.95
Louisa Mae can't wait to bite into this big old piece of watermelon. She is a big girl running around barefoot for summer.
Closeup view of her angel vine hair! $49.95
Another new member of the shop is the cute little dolly with button hair, needle-felt heart, doily collar and painted on shoes.
Closeup of her button hair. Her tag reads: Angels are mothers in disguise. $39.95
I love this sampler. The name of the verse if Grandma's Garden and it reminds me of my own grandma so much! It is done on an old feedsack and framed in a window. $59.95
Wool felt pillow for you Americana gals. $19.95
This is a verse I got for Ashley when she was a little girl - still love it! $29.95
How true it is! $29.95
Well girls, I hope you all have a very Happy Mother's Day, wherever you are and whoever you spend it with. Thank God for your own mother and for having the chance to be one yourself. Let the people around you pamper you, enjoy your handmade cards (they are priceless), and give yourself a pat on the back for doing the best job you can.
It has been an honor to "get to know you" through these blogs and being able to read the beautiful Mother's Day posts that you have all done. If you get a chance, go to and watch the video in one of Judy's last posts. It is one of the most inspiring things I've ever seen on the computer.
Enjoy YOUR day...


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you Dawn! husband gave me a lovely card and it sounds like I might get a car wash out of him, LOL....but I think he should tell the boys that it's Mother's Day!....enjoy the day with your wonderful family! Janet

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Dawn! I hope you have a most wonderful day!!!

  3. Happy Mother's Day, Dawn. I hope you get as much love as you give. :)

  4. Happy Mother's Day, Dawn ~ enjoy your time with your mom and your family today. Great stuff for the shop. Are you going to PA in August? Email me, please.

  5. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY DAWN...such a beautiful post!
    Love the dolls...and please do get in touch with Pam! I'm soooo hoping you both will make it.
    Next week if I go to PA I'm going to try and finalize some plans.

  6. Love the samplers on the wood and especially the one made on the feedsack...very nice:)