Thursday, May 21, 2009


MY BITTERSWEET The family circle keeps on growing. Today is going to be a little bittersweet, but hopefully joyful too. I'm heading up to the hospital to set with my dad and then this afternoon I get to go with Ashley's family to see the 3-D ultrasound of our new Lucianna. I am so excited to see what she "looks" like and it will be such a new experience for me. On Easter Sunday we all watched the ultra-sound video from Linda (Behind My Red Door) and now I get so see my own little granddaughter!
Also, my sister-in-law Cyndy is on her way to the hospital on the other side of the state to await the birth of her first grandson. What a wonderful day in her life!
Some things are just astonishing! Last evening Abbey came to the hospital to see my dad. When she walked up to his bed, he just lit up. He held out his hand and said "I'll be home to play hide and seek with you soon. I love you." Nobody could believe it! Hope springs eternal. That little great-granddaughter means the world to him and she loves him so much too.
Again, thanks to all of you for your kind, wonderful comments. This blog seems to be my therapy when I get home from the hospital each night. It is just mind-boggling how a group of perfect strangers can become such great friends through their writings and sharings. One of these days I would love to meet each and every one of you!
Maybe today will be the day of miracles...


  1. OH Dwan, Indeed this will be a day or miracles one way or another. How exciting you will see your little Angel! Maybe they will get a picture printed out that you can show your dad. How much he would love that! Enjoy every moment of the 3 D. That alone is a miracle!

    Lots of prayers and hugs, Linda

  2. How exciting Dawn to be able to see your little sweetie pie tonight!....I hope your Dad is able to recover....miracles do happen! Janet

  3. Just Believe!
    I'm praying for you to have a very blessed day!
    Your Dad and your family have been in my thoughts & prayers these last couple of days...isn't that something how we can have a desire to pray for those we don't even really know? God is so good!


  4. Dawn, your day with Ashley and Luciana is miraculous in itself - enjoy every moment!!! I am continuing to keep you, your dad and your family in my prayers. I love Linda's idea of showing your dad a picture of Luciana - how special!!! Keep the faith my friend! (((HUGS)))

  5. Dawn,

    I have been thinking about you so much and praying that all is ok with your Dad. Enjoy going to see your grand-daughter... hopefully you too will be able to get a picture. I still have one of Cameron's u/s pics on my refrigerator and he is over 2 now. Nothing more special so just enjoy it.

    Hugs & Prayers,

  6. Dawn ~
    What a blessing to see that little precious baby. Your family is in my prayers.

  7. I've been thinking about you and your Dad today. I woke up last night and you were on my mind and I said a quick prayer for all of you. Hugs :)

  8. I hope we get to see Luciana too:) How wonderful they can do this now.

    I'll keep your family in my prayers too.