Tuesday, May 5, 2009


What a beautiful day! Just about perfect, in fact. But, look out, more rain tomorrow and Thursday. Oh well, if it quits for Friday - that's all that matters. It was calm enough today (no big winds) to be able to put some things outside. I got that old flower cart and hope to load it up with herbs for our Ladies Night Out. What mother wouldn't like herbs planted in old containers for Mother's Day?
Yesterday Dick put up my old spindles and board across my counter. The board reads "If the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise". I just love it and hope to have more goodies hung on it in a few days.

Hooray, Debbie brought the vintage patio set and it looks so cute on our "porch". Wouldn't this be so cute on a covered porch or summer room?
Another stitchery on old barn wood. I'm getting hooked on these stitcheries. They look so old and primitive! $29.95
Well, this was "work" day at the shop. I got floor all mopped, painted a sign to put out front, punched holes in our bags and tied the ripped strips on, and worked on a big stitchery. Trying to get everything ready for Friday night. I'm going to sew up some dolls tonight and Ashley is going to turn and stuff them for me tomorrow - hooray - I hate that part!
My Abbey wants me to pick her up and go "junking" tonight. She just loves to go see what we can find on the curb, and sometimes there are some treasures! We hit the jackpot last night! I really don't have time tonight, but we'll go for a few blocks and see what we find.
Well girls, lots to get done! Have a great evening and we'll talk more tomorrow...


  1. Yay, Dawn ~ we had sunshine for the last 2 days up north. The shop's looking good. I love the old sign & herb stitchery. Have a great night.

  2. Dawn you must email me and tell me about your "Ladies Night Out" !! I love the sampler on the olde wood...did you make it? I think I might have to try it (although I con't like alot of handwork...(big smile) !! Judy

  3. Are those pink lights I see hanging in the window??? Your shop is looking great, Dawn! Can't wait to get up there on Friday. I'll be there ASAP!!!

  4. Hi Dawn....I just got done voting for Danny even though this was my least favorite performance of his, he is still my favorite....and I am VERY disappointed with DWTS!....can you believe that Lil' Kim was eliminated before Ty? sheesh!....that's just plain ridiculous! Janet

  5. Hi Dawn,
    Your shop is looking great!! I hope you have a great turn-out for "Ladies Night Out". I'ld be there if I lived closer...but I'm going to try an get everything moved into my new sewing/craft room by the end of this weekend.

  6. your shop looks great!
    Happy Mothers day to you.