Monday, May 11, 2009


What a wonderful Mother's Day! Dick and I worked in the yard for most of the day and it felt so great to just be outside playing in the dirt. Our Abbey called and wondered if we were "gardening". I went to pick her up and she came out with all her garden tools to bring with her! She LOVES to be outside and doing anything that has to do with nature.
Then we all got showered and headed to my folk's house. Dick bought wings, salad and breadsticks - yummy - and none of us had to cook. My mom had made a beautiful pineapple upside down cake for Ashley's birthday - the old-fashioned way in an iron skillet. It was delish! Above is one lucky mom (me) and my two wonderful children. I am so blessed, they are not only my children, but my best friends as well. Chad is on the left and Ashley on the right. Ashley is wearing the "beautiful" bead necklace that Abbey made for her in school. She made me a little pottery bowl and she was SO proud. The pictures above the couch are framed in OLD frames dating to the civil war and they have pictures of Chad and Ashley when they were both 4 years old.

A special gift is the fact that we still have four generations to be able to take pictures of! My mom is on the right. I'm so proud of her! Doesn't she look great for almost 86 years old?!
Dick and I both have the day off today and I'm so excited! He is helping me cut out a new flower bed in our back yard. It will have to be done in steps, but it will be so pretty when it's done. First step will be cutting off the top layer of sod and getting rid of the grass, then putting weed killer on the dirt. I wish I was a little more patient - I'd love to start planting right away! Oh well, it will be fun to watch it take form over the next week or so. Putting up the birdhouses, fencing, etc. will be the icing on the cake! I have so much I want to do to our backyard this year. I'd love to plant a whole row of sunflowers with Abbey, add a big planter box on the outside of our backporch, finish planting herbs in my big old chicken feeder... It goes on and on. I'm just so thankful that the weather is FINALLY getting to the point that we can get these projects started.
Well girls, time to get outside and get that grass out of here! Have a wonderful sunny day and we'll talk again soon...


  1. Hi Dawn!....I sure hope it's Danny and Kris in the finals....I did everything I could this evening and voted for Danny many times....the lines were busy half the time so I hope people were able to get through!....and on DWTS I'd like to see the French guy win even though I'm not wild about Cheryl....Julianne is my favorite pro and I heard she wasn't returning next season, boohoo! Janet

  2. Morning Dawn.

    What beautiful children you have!!!! And what a wonderful Mother's Day.
    We worked in the gardens all of yesterday but they still look puney - my flowers all seem to be later in the season.

    Glad you have been chatting with Pam about the Gathering...I SOOOO WANT YOU BOTH TO COME.