Thursday, May 14, 2009


What a beautiful morning here in Michigan! We had thunderstorms for most of the night, but this morning the sky is bright blue and the sun is shining. It is even supposed to get into the 70's today! Love these shop-door-open days. Doesn't this little sign just say it all? There is nothing like walking around your yard and seeing another flower opening it's sleepy winter eyes. It really is good for the soul.
I have hundreds of Lily Of The Valley, and this morning they are strarting to blossom. I just love to bring in a little bouquet and have that beautiful smell fill a room.

The Hollyhocks are peeking out now too. I want to plant more this year. Don't they just bring back the best childhood memories?
Sunday I planted Lavender all the way down our picket fence. I had it there before, but when the Village replaced the sidewalk it was all torn out.
I finally hung my little Sweet Annie wreath in our bathroom. I've had it since I met Connie in Waynesville and now it has a home. Sweet Annie is another one of those "smells" that brings back so many great memories.
My new "header" picture is a small collection of old soaps and shaving brushes that we have in our bathroom. One of the brushes belonged to my husband's father.
Today is the day to get into the shop and move things around again. It always feels so good to see something different when you're the one that sets there all day. I also think the customers like to come in for new ideas too. Maybe I can talk Ashley into coming down to "play". I also have to pack up a box of dolls to ship out - which means back to the sewing machine!
Okay girls, enjoy your day - whatever the weather might be...


  1. hi your new header...can't wait to see ya....i am back in the garden again today...still trying to finish it up....i will be at the shop tomorrow and saturday...hope you have lots of customers today...lin

  2. Hi, Dawn ~
    Love your new header and your flowers are coming along so great. We really needed that thunderstorm up here ~ it was getting quite dry. Now we need some sunshine. Have a wonderful day at the shop.

  3. Weren't those storms something last night. I think we've had enough rain for a while. But then again, it looks like your flowers are really appreciating the moisture! Hope to see you soon.

  4. Hi Dawn,
    We got a thunderstorm around 2am and then a really bad one about 5:30am this morning, but then the sun came out and it was a beautiful day here in Ohio also.
    Love the new photo on your blog header! Hope you had a great day playing in the shop. I worked on a wholesale it was painting and sewing for me today.
    hugs, Cindy

  5. Good morning Dawn!
    It's bright and sunny here today too...good day to be outside.
    Your plantings are beautiful and like Cindy....I LOVE YOUR HEADER picture.
    Hope you keep selling - we need you in PA in August.
    Hugs, Karen