Saturday, August 29, 2009


OOOOOH, it sure does feel like fall in Michigan! It has been rainy and really chilly for a couple of days - only hitting the 60's today! It actually makes it fun to put out all of the new fall goodies when it's not in the 80's! Oh yes, more wonderful wares are hitting the door almost every day. I am SOOO lucky to have such talented artists - just wait until you see what we have planned for Christmas!!! This old, black witch stocking is amazing! It has bumpy, grubby paint and the mice have really gotten to it! $39.95
The old witch didn't mind when the mouse made a nest on her toe.

But she wasn't too crazy about it when the other one brought his candy corn out the top. (Isn't our Terry amazing?)She brought in these cinnamon buns that look good enough to eat! $6.95/ea

I LOVE these wax pumpkins. They would be so cute with a battery or real candle behind them. We have one brown and one grubby orange. $14.95/ea

Oh no!! The bats have gotten into the shop! $9.95/ea
Another truly wonderful creation by Terry! These old witch's shoes are amazing. Love the striped socks sticking out the tops. And, again, the mice have really gotten to them! $39.95
Oh so special! Our Sally (the cardmaker) has really outdone herself this time! She is such a talented artist. She handpainted this woman from a photo and put the lovely verse with it. More to come soon! $39.95
Everyone loves a few Halloween "pokes"! These witches and pumpkins are adorable. $9.95/ea
I only have two of these fabulous "hurricanes" left. They are made by an artist in Indiana. The "hurricane" is scented wax and a votive burns inside. When the votive gets warm, it gives off the scent of the hurricane. I have the willow and a bunny right now. $24.95/ea
This little pantry bag is so sweet with the little doll coming out the top. $14.95

Only two turkey candy containers left. Remove the turkey and fill the pumpkin with candy. They are paper mache and cute as can be. $19.95/ea
I am so lucky to have Terry, Debbie, Sally, Kari, and Carol bringing in their talented creations! Most of our handmade wares are one-of-a-kind, which makes them even more special. Can you even imagine life without creativity? Wouldn't it be so boring??!! I will be sharing more great creations after this weekend - they just keep rolling in!
For you local gals, don't forget that tonight Holly is having a classic rock concert in Battle Alley (right next to our shop). Bring your lawn chairs - it's free!
Our adventure to our new "apartment" is about to begin tomorrow. The studs are being put in and the work will be underway. The contractors said it will be about a month and we will be ready to paint and carpet - and prim it all up! I hope by October we will be settled in by the wood stove and watching the wildlife on the canal. It's hard to imagine not being in our old, historic home, but we are trying to make this a fun journey too. I am SOOO lucky to have such a wonderful husband, not many men would leave their homes behind to do what Dick is doing. He is just the best!
I bought lottery tickets yesterday (over $300,000,000), but I heard someone else won! Darn! I rarely ever buy a ticket, but I was so hoping... The first thing I would have done is brought Dad home and hired a full-time nurse. Sorry Dad, I was really trying!
Well, time to head to town. I want to hit our new Farmer's Market this morning before I open the shop. What a treat! Along with our new coffee shop and candy shop that will open soon, we are also getting a Michigan made shop and Autumn (the new owner) has started the Farmer's Market in her parking lot. Way to go!
Hope to see some of you soon!
Until next time...


  1. Dawn you should take some pictures of the stages of construction so we can see too!....I bought the lottery tickets for the Mega Millions too and I haven't even checked my numbers yet, guess I'd better do that now!....maybe I'm the one who won! (yeah right) LOL


  2. Dawn ~
    The shop looks great & I'm loving the Halloween goodies. I love Farmer's Markets especially this time of year. Have a great day at work. It's pouring up north.

  3. Everything looks so inviting...looks like so much fun. Dianntha

  4. Me too, love the farmers market and flea markets this time of year!
    Your shop looks great with all the talented girls bringing their wares in, love the bats, withces shoes and pokey sticks of the jack-o-lanterns.

  5. Thank GOD for creativity! I enjoyed seeing everything that your artist bring in!

  6. Hi Dawn,
    Everything looks so wonderfully Fall!! How great to have all the talented ladies making creations for the shop!! I just love it all...the stocking with the mice & candy corn, the bats, the pumpkin pokes, and those yummy looking cinn. buns!!
    I hope the work on your new "apartment" goes well and that you will be sitting by the wood stove in October!
    hugs, Cindy

  7. Great fall goodies Dawn. So much fun to see what your customers get to choose from. All eye candy!!

    I'll be thinking of you and your new home taking shape!!

  8. Wow~ I am drooling over the fun stuff you have for autumn and Halloween. I will try calling the shop soon! I never seem to catch you so I can order some of that good stuff!!!