Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Well, it's Wednesday night and we had our weekly car cruise. Someone said there were about 200 cars in town tonight - and it was packed! The Detroit Woodward Dream Cruise is coming soon, so I'm sure a lot of car buffs are warming up.
Good news, Jane from Zanie Janie's Coffee got the key next door and is opening her coffee shop! What a great match for our shop. I am going to furnish the tables, chairs, cupboards and wall decor and it will all be for sale! We are going to open the French doors between our shops so people can browse and go have a great cup of coffee. She will have a roaster in her shop and also sell the coffee by the bag. She came in tonight and gave out free samples in my shop and got a great reception by the crowd.
More good news, we are getting an old-fashioned candy store two doors down. The new people are busy working like crazy to be open by the end of August! This could be dangerous with a candy store AND a great ice cream shop!
Now on to more Halloween/fall goods that I have in the shop. I got a call from Terry today and she is bringing in lots more! Hooray!!! I also have been sewing like crazy again to add more dolls. So, for now, here's another peek. I love this OLD truck! It looks so cute with the pumpkin on the back. $45.00
This PRIMITIVE witch head on the spindle is awesome - one that might not make it through the season at the shop. She might have to come live at my house. $39.95

We have 4 different styles of "nodders". $9.95
Witch hat and boot ornies or bowl fillers. $6.95 each
Cute little fall mouse on a pumpkin pie spice tin. $14.95
Wooden candy corns. $3.95 ea.
Big cat doll with the candy corn mouse necklace. $49.95
Rosemary and Thyme (the pair) are so prim. Rosemary is wearing an old orange wool coat, rusty pins and bells, a plaid flannel skirt and flax hair. They are both done on old bobbins. $69.96 for the pair
I need to get a better picture of this old shoe box - probably used for shoe shines. It has advertising inside the lid and would make such a cute little end table. $65.
Pair of GENTLY used swivel rockers. They are just like new. $195/pair
Wooden "candy" sticks - $1.95 and little bags of pumpkins - $4.95
Turkey candy containers - $19.95
Wool purses with leather straps. We also have them with crows and pumpkins. $19.95
"This And That" black boxes. $29.95/set
Great old scale (a Debbie find) that would look so great with any season decor on the bottom part. $89.95
Big sampler with handmade frame. $49.95
And now on to my favorite car of the cruise! I have such a thing for VW's! I had 3 of them when I was young and WILL have another one someday.
Our Abbey loves those "bug" cars too! Even has the peace sign down.
Loved the license plate!
I had one piece of bad news this week. Remember that chicken watering crock? I shipped it out to a blogging buddy and it arrived in a million pieces. I felt SOOO bad! Thank goodness for refunds.
Well girls, there you have my day today. Hope you enjoy the pics and stay tuned for more to come!
Until next time...


  1. Boy, I love that VW too,especially the color:)
    Great displays of your fall items they are all so nice, love the bags of pumpkins:)

  2. I love the old truck and the bug too! I had a VW square back as my first car with surf racks on top! Then I had a Super Beetle and then a VW van! I dream of having a square back again on day. It would have room to go on junk jaunts around town!
    The new shops in town sound like a good fit. Good luck to you all!

  3. That's GREAT news Dawn about the coffee and candy shoppes!....especially since you will have items for sale in the coffee shop!....I always wanted a VW bug back in the 70's! Janet

  4. Dawn,
    Love all the fall goodies!! That is great about the new shops coming to town. My youngest loves VW bugs and has wanted one for as long as I can remember.

  5. Awesome new goodies, Dawn! Love the Halloween decor. I had a VW back in the early 70s ~ loved it but their heaters aren't worth a darn.

  6. Viewing your fall goodies makes me wish that autumn was here now.
    Your town sounds so great! Wish I lived there!
    Enjoy the rest of the week!

  7. Happy for you & the great news. I know that means alot to all the shop owners who put so much time & effort into everything & that they want to see it pay off. You have some great fall goodies there.

  8. I need to make a trip and come visit !!! I love Terrys' witch too !!!