Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well friends, I've tried to refresh, log off the computer, add names to my "reading list" and nothing has seemed to work. I'm going to have to set down and try to take some time with this when I get back from Ohio. SOOO, if you don't have any comments from me for awhile, you'll know I'm still having some problems.
Can't wait until tomorrow morning! I'm leaving EARLY for Ohio and I'll be back on Sunday afternoon. It is going to be so much fun to spend time with Connie and do a lot of exploring between trade shows. We hope to make the Country Gathering show in Springfield on Friday night. PLUS it will be great to have some new goodies for the shop.
Sunday afternoon is the "Big Birthday Blowout" for our grandson Jack. He is turning 5 and that's what he's calling his party. I wouldn't miss it for the world! They are inviting everyone to bring their swimming suits and that little kid can swim like a fish.
Last night I took my dad out to the courtyard and brought him some desert. We got laughing so hard. There were these little bugs (like nats) that kept biting us, so we had to really hurry to get back inside. He was carrying out drinks on his lap and I was pushing that wheelchair like crazy!
Tonight is car cruise night in Holly and they expect LOTS of cars. Last week there were about 180 and they think there will be more this week. Saturday is the BIG Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit and Dick is going to take Gannon. We have taken him for a couple years now and he LOVES it. It is a huge event and people line Woodward Ave. holding up signs that say things like "Light 'EM UP" or "Burn 'Em". People come from all over the USA to drive in this cruise. It is quite an event.
For you local gals, I want you to know that the shop will be open while I'm gone. I have a couple friends filling in for me, so come on in!
I miss reading your posts, but will try to figure it out either tonight or when I get back. Have a great weekend and enjoy the "summer".
Until next week...


  1. Mornin' Dawn....I can still see your list there on the left....maybe you need to clear out your temporary internet files, if you haven't done that for awhile it will bog down your system.

    Today is my oldest son's birthday, he is 24....I'm going to bake him a cake and the 5 of us are going out to dinner this evening even though we can't afford it, yikes!....but we've always taken them out to dinner on their birthday!

    Have fun in Ohio!

  2. Hi Dawn,
    Blogger is havin "issues" :)
    I checked in the HELP part and in the "KNOWN Problems" and they (blogger) are aware that this is goin on. I still can't see the blogs I follow in my dashboard either. If I click on google "READER" tho, my list of the blogs i follow is there.

    They'll get it fixed, eventually!

    Have a safe trip! :)


  3. Hi Dawn,
    Mine is finally back on today, I just left it alone and this morning I was glad to see it on. I was so lost without it:)
    Have fun on your prim trip!

  4. Hi Dawn - I hope that they come back today. I've been having problems with Blogger all week - go to leave a comment and it gives me an error message. One day I couldn't get into it at all. I'm still trying to catch up on blogs and leave comments, but I'm still getting errors on some pages. Hope that blogger gets this cleared up soon. But I can see your blog list too so it hasn't disappeared.

  5. I am having wierd problems with blogger too - so let's hope by the tim you come back, it is fixed! Here's an idea to find us. Go to your old comments and click on our names. That's what I do when my dashboard isn't working!

    hugs, Linda

  6. Hi Dawn..i'm so sorry about you losing your list..just slowly add it back in by using the folks that stop by and comment..that's all you can do...I lost mine when I switched templates was a pain..but I finally built it back up :)

    Say a big happy birthday to the birthday boy....while attending his big bash!!!

    The car cruise sound so great..what fun your town is!

  7. Hi Dawn,
    Have a fun and safe trip!! If I feel better, my friend Linda and I are going to the Country Gathering show on Saturday or Sunday. I'll just have to wait and see. Can't wait to hear all about your trip.
    hugs, Cindy

  8. Dawn I would be going crazy about now, so I can imagine how frustrating it is for you. I don't like it when things don't work! Talk to you soon, Carol

  9. Hi there,
    I hate blogger today! I can't get anyone added to my "blog list" etc. But, I wanted you to know I follow your great blog and only wished I lived closer!!!!Your store would be dangerous, hee, hee if you know what I mean... or at least that's what my husband would say to me. :) Come visit me at my new blog! Take Care!

  10. Well It is Sunday by the time I am reading this; & I hope that all your blogging problems have been solved. I look forward to hearing about your trip to Ohio & the afternoon party!