Thursday, August 27, 2009


Oh boy, do I have some goodies for you tonight! Terry is our little creative genious! She just keeps bringing more and more goodies that are just prim perfect for your Halloween decorating needs. How about these Halloween stockings filled with Sweet Annie and a little mouse? She has handpainted them both and there is an old rusty pin and bell on the toes. Love the witch silouette! $39.95
Another awesome stocking with a cat! $39.95

These little pantry bags would be SOO cute on your peg rack. The little mouse has chewed his way through, but his bottom and tail is sticking out the other side! $14.95

Terry's ghosts are the hit of the shop. She brought in one more with a mouse on his shoulder, a pinwheel and a wooden pumpkin. $49.95
My postcard artist - Cristy - brought me a bunch of antique Halloween postcards today. They are so beautiful! Most of them have both sides of the old postcard, she glitters them just perfect and then solders them. Just wonderful! $19.95
More postcards. $19.95
These cattails are so fall! Done in old rusty tin cans, one has a crow on top and another has a mouse at the base. $24.95
What a happy "Jack"! He is done on an old glass lamp base and has the cutest tag around his neck!
Love this old crescent moon and star. The mouse is hiding on the star from the little black cat! $39.95
The little crow girl lost her dress! $19.95
Debbie brought in this wonderful gameboard. $29.95
These wooden ornies would be so cute hung anywhere, they have old Halloween images on each of them. $8.95
Another prim stocking with a "jack" coming out the top! $24.95
Oh yes! Good going Debbie! More shoo flies! The two smallest ones are vintage and we have 3 larger ones that are handmade. Keep the goodies coming!
This was work day at the shop. I sewed, turned and stuffed quite a few dolls, now the fun part will start. I love how their personalities start coming out as they go together. I got such great ideas on our trip to Ohio and brainstorming with my friend Connie - now I want to see some of these things come to "life". She's way ahead of me, she's been sewing for two weeks!! Sure wish we were doing this together like the old days.
My Abbey came down and hung out with me for awhile today. She is quite the "helper" at the shop and I love to have her come whenever she wants to. It's also a good excuse to get a great ice cream cone!
Well girls, time to go look at some cars. My lease is up and I've got to get something different. I want a "bug" SOOO bad, but it sure isn't very practical for a shopkeeper. Oh well, I can always dream!
Have a great evening!
Until next time...


  1. I sure wish I could see your shop I bet it is just prim "fall" perfect!
    Good luck with the car hunt and also if I had a shop I just know "the girls" would fight to be there with me:)Lucky Abbey!

  2. Boy you sure did get lots of fun looking Halloween goodies!....and a new car oh boy!....let us know what you get!

  3. Wonderful Goodies Dawn!

    And Happy Birthday Abbey! Loved seeing her new outfit - she looks so grown up!

    And Lucy is adorable! Growing like a weed!!

  4. Hi Dawn, sure did get lots of Fall/Halloween goodies in the shop!! Love them all!
    How fun to get a new car!! I want a new van, but I'm also enjoying not having any car payments right now...Mr. D's car is paid off too, but I keep eyeing the new vans everytime I go pass the car dealership here in town.

  5. Okay, now you have me drooling even more.
    I so want all the stuff I


  6. Now that is some beautiful artwork you have there! Love it all!