Friday, August 7, 2009


Good morning to all of you great gals. TGIF! This weekend is supposed to be a HOT one here in Michigan - into the 90's by Sunday and Monday. Whew! Everyone has wished for summer, but I can't hardly stand this kind of heat. We talked about going to the cottage this weekend, but I am opting for the air conditioning!
I had a great evening with Dad last night. He loves nachos, so I stopped and picked one up, along with McDonald apple pies and ice tea and we went out to the courtyard at the nursing home and had a picnic. The courtyard is beautiful with so many varieties of flowers. It has a covered picnic area with comfy tables and chairs. It even has a double swing with a canopy that you can put the wheelchair on one side! We just talked and talked. I am so lucky to have the greatest dad in the world. I SOO wish I could just bring him home! All of the nurses and aides tell me he is their favorite and they "fight" to get to work with him! (No big surprise to me!)
Our new "home" will be in the beginning stages next week. The contractors are going to demo the existing walls and start with the redo. I'm TRYING to look at the bright side and make this an adventure. Thank goodness there are lots of windows and a "walk-out" with a patio. We bought new cupboards, but I opted for unfinished ones that I can paint and prim up. I think I'm going to use old spools for the knobs! I also want to incorporate my old black hoosier and small hanging pie safe into the kitchen. I've been collecting some old shutters and doors to use too, might as well make it prim, prim, prim! It should be ready for paint and carpet in about a month.
Mom and Dad have been married for 63 years, so you can imagine how much stuff we are hauling out of the downstairs! My daughter, Ashley, is going to run the garage sale for her - I just can't take off TOO many days from the shop.
As strange as this sounds, I have ended up having some real quality time with both Dad and Mom through this whole ordeal. It kind of forces you to look at what's really important in your life, and nothing is more important than family. Dad and I had a long talk about that last night.
Am I going to miss my house? OH YES!!! But, it's still just a house and we will make a HOME wherever we may be. (There's always storage units for rent!)
Well, today is Abbey's last day at day camp. She has had a ball! Chad and Kim give her a week at camp for Christmas each year and she just loves it. She can't wait until she's old enough for the horse camp!
Funny Abbey story - the other night my husband asked her if she prayed and she said, "Oh yes, Papa, I pray to Santa and the Tooth Fairy all the time!" He had the hardest time keeping a straight face! (See what you have to look forward to Linda!)
I'm getting so excited to meet my friend Connie in Ohio next week! We only get to see each other a couple times a year since she moved to Tennessee and we ALWAYS have so much fun! She is going to the trade shows with me and we hope to look up Melissa from Jailhouse Primitives while we are down there. By the way girls, Melissa is having her last 50% off weekend this weekend before her shop closes it's doors. She is located in Germantown, Ohio. Do any of you know of any great prim shops around the Waynesville to Columbus area? We are always on the lookout and it's so much fun to find something new. I'd appreciate any input you could give us!
Time to get moving and open the shop soon. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday (and weekend) and that you shoppers find some great treasures!
Until next time...


  1. I'm so glad you are spending such quality time with your mom and dad. Your picnic in the courtyard sounds so special. Your new prim kitchen sounds awesome & I can't wait to see it. I know it's hard to leave your home but you are doing it for the best possible reason. Good luck today on sales and have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Hi Dawn,
    What a great adventure you are having with the planning of the kitchen, I just can't wait to see what you do with it. Great ideas on using spools for knobs and also the hoosier and cabinet.

    I know how you feel in leaving your home, I felt the same way when I left Chris and the apt. to move here but it does work out when it's the right reason...yours couldn't be better:)

  3. Hi's so wonderful that you are getting to spend time with your parents, so many don't have the opportunity, it's just too bad the circumstances aren't better for you Dad but it's great that you spend so much time with him....and it's a very loving thing you're doing moving in with your Mom, I hope your new little home will bring you joy as well....have fun at the trade shows! Janet

  4. Hi Dawn,
    It's so wondergul to hear that you are getting to spend a lot of quality time with your mom and dad...what great memories you are making!

    Here are a few shops that I know of and really like that are between Waynesville and Columbus...depending on how you go from Waynesville to Columbus. There is "Country Blessings" in Xenia and there is "Homespun Blessings" in Springfield. One of my favorites other than ones is Waynesville is "North Shore Primitives" and it is in Washington Court House. You can get all their addresses and directions by google searching them. How this helps!
    hugs, Cindy

  5. Oh Dawn! What memories you'll have of these special times with your dad & mom...and the excitement of decorating a "new" home!
    Have fun at the trade shows & I would advise as soon as you cross into Ohio, stop at the visitor's center at the rest stop & pick up a Country Register! It will list all the shops in Ohio (that advertise in there) ~ there's a lot in that paper! :) And, if they don't have any left at the visitor's center, checks the primitive shops you do stop at...most will have them.
    Have fun & take lots of pics!

  6. Good Saturday morning to you Dawn!
    I'ts pouring rain here and supposed to be 93 today and through Monday...yikes.
    Glad things are working out for you with the house - and when it's all finished it will be HOME....and what a wonderful feeling to know it was your parents home as well.....but probably won't look much like it when you are done remodeling
    Hope you are taking before and after pictures!