Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hi prim friends! Finally back from our trip and putting everything out at the shop. What a wild 4 days I've had! I met my friend Connie in Waynesville on Thursday morning and we never stopped until we left on Sunday morning. We just had the best time, but I have to say that I was DONE shopping by Saturday night! You better grab a glass of iced tea and settle in, because I have LOTS of pictures to show you. We saw these concrete pumpkins in Waynesville and they were SO neat. Our Terri is going to try to make some for the shop.
Then we went right to Jailhouse Primitives to see our friend Melissa. What a treat! We shopped in her 75% off sale, visited for a little bit, and she gave us a tour of her home. It is absolutely a prim-lovers dream come true. Thank you for sharing Melissa, what a great time. Her arbor was just the best, made from old french doors and shutters.

Melissa and I in front of her arbor. Next time we're taking you to lunch! We'll sure miss visiting Jailhouse, what a wonderful prim shop.

Then on to Washington Court House, Ohio to North Shore Primitives. All I can say is "WOW!" Just gorgeous prims.
This shop is decorated inside and out, upstairs and down with just wonderful everything!
After we left the shop, we stopped at the outlets and did a little shopping for ourselves. THEN back to Waynesville.
Friday morning we got up and hit it for Columbus to the Heritage show. what great things we found there! (Of course I have to keep some of the goodies for me.) After the show we went to the warehouse sale at Raghu and then to Springfield, Ohio to the Country Gathering show. There were wonderful prims there - but the prices were sky high.
Connie with her first day's haul! Then we headed back to Waynesville.
Saturday morning we headed back to Columbus to the Offinger show and bought LOTS more. Do you think Connie looks like she's had enough shopping? Then back to Waynesville to do the town and check out all the shops there.
We spent Saturday night drawing patterns, copying each other's verses for stitcheries and just gabbing and relaxing. Sunday morning came all too soon and we were both off to Michigan and Tennessee. Thank you Connie for the bestest weekend!
While I was gone, Terri went SHOPPING too! We got LOTS of new antiques for the shop and we had to have our hubbies help move the furniture for us. When I went into the shop this morning, I couldn't even walk through it was so full. Thank goodness Debbie and Bonnie came to help most of the day and then Terri brought more! Hope you enjoy some of our new goodies.
This dry sink is to die for! It is very old with a zinc lining, drain tube, and shelves up the back. It is also made to fit in a corner. $799.95

Beautiful old butter churns. Large - $64.95, small 54.95
Don't you LOVE the wax pumpkin? The lights are $12.95 each.
We got LOTS of tinware. This little tin spice shelf with drawers is $29.95
Old green game board. $29.95
Beautiful pair of working shutters with Eastlake hinges. $59.95/pair
Close-up of shutters.
Cute pumpkin chair back covers.
Love these "Jack" candles. $3.95/ea
Beautiful old steamer trunk on casters. $89.95

Great old shutter shelves, more tinware and signs.
Tobacco basket in wonderful shape.
Beautiful old plate shelf and mirror.
Another view of shutter shelf!
One of the wonderful new hooked rugs. $59.95
Salesman's sample child's vanity - just adorable. $89.95
Beautiful square oak table in great condition. $249.95
More tinware. Cute hooks with 3 pieces of utinsils. $29.95
Hooked cat ornies. $9.95
Love this hooked pumpkin mat!
Scented wax corncobs. $3.95/ea
Another great hooked rug. $29.95
Cutest candles from Primitive Glow in tin cans.
More crow signs!
New sunflower sign. $14.95
Beautiful wool/felt pillow - quite large. $29.95
Love this new sign too with the old leather strap holder.
Now for my favorites! Prim towel and soap holder (made by Terry). The towels hangs from an old wire. $19.95/ea
Towel holder with old wire. Just adorable and also made by Terri. $19.95 ea.
So there you have the first round of pictures. We got lots more and another load is coming tomorrow!
I am SOOOO tired, but it's time to go visit my Dad and check on Mom. Hope you have a great evening and we'll talk again tomorrow.
Until next time...


  1. Wow Dawn you sure did get tons of stuff!....the shop looks great!....I can feel how tired you are just reading your words....I hope your Mom and Dad are doing well. Janet

  2. So glad you had a good time. Love all the new stuff. Got my eye on a few things.

  3. No wonder you are soooo tired but I just love everything you bought just prim perfect!

  4. Hi Dawn,
    Sure looks like you both had a great time and got lots of goodies!! I went to the Country Gatherings show with a friend on Saturday morning and I also thought the prices were high. It was my first trip out after my surgery and it made me so tired that I went home and slept the rest of the day.
    It doesn't look like we are going to make it up your way at the end of this month. My DH is having a heart cath on Thrusday and we are not sure of the outcome just yet. He might have to have a stent or by-pass surgery. So...we are thinking now that we might take our trip about the middle of October. I'll keep you posted.

  5. OH MY GOODNESS..the child's vanity..I WANT THAT!!! There are lots of other things I want too..oh..how I wish the $ fairy would hurry up and get here!!


  6. I am exhausted reading about your trip. Shopping fro prims is fun, but we do have our limits, don't we??!!

    So many goodies. Lucky for those that live close by!! What fun they will have shopping.

    sending restful hugs, Linda

  7. Oh My Goodness, my head is spinning in delight and amazement!

    Thank You,

  8. What day were you girls at Springfield? We went Saturday. I posted pics on my blog. Your shop looks prim perfect !!!!


  9. Washington Courthouse is not that far from me. I may have to go & check her out. You sure have a lot of goodies! Fantastic stuff!!! Thanks for sharin!!!

  10. Hi there!
    Wow did you ladies shop till you dropped! Love all your new stuff.. I'm in Minnesota, but would love to get my hands on one of those primitive glow candles in the tin cans and a pair of those jack candlesticks along with some other goodies. How do I order? Can I call the shop??

  11. What a great time you must have had...fun and productive. Your shop is amazing! Dianntha