Wednesday, August 26, 2009


What a big day today is! Abbey's 7th birthday! I can't even imagine life without her, or what it was like before she became a part of this family. What a special, delightful, beautiful little girl she is. She decided that for her birthday tonight she wanted to have Chinese for dinner, so her family came to the car cruise and we had Chinese at the shop. The DJ at the car cruise called her over and gave her a coupon for a Dairy Queen cake! After we closed the shop, we had to go to Carry's Delights for a little ice cream - YUM! Abbey in her new "teenage" outfit!
Bebe (me), Papa and Abbey.
Tony, Ashley, Abbey and Lucy.

Ashley and our new Lucy (Lucianna).
The other day, Abbey went to our Terry's house to play with her little girl - Shey. When we went to pick up Abbey, Ashley let Shey hold Lucy. She had never held a baby before, so it was quite a new experience and so precious. Shey and Abbey had a ball! Terry helped them bake cookies and the danced to CHRISTMAS music while they were baking.
Tonight Dick and I went to meet with the contractors that will be working on our new "home". They have the entire space "gutted" and will be starting construction on Sunday. If all goes as planned, we will be ready to paint and carpet in about a month. Can't wait for the partitions to go up so we can get a better idea of what furniture we are going to take with us. This is going to be quite the adventure and we hope to make our new home prim perfect!
Work was so much fun today. Debbie came to spend a good part of the day and then Terry came with more goodies and spent the rest of the day. She is bringing more tomorrow! I had lots of business - which is always fun - and met lots of new customers. I hope to have more pictures of shop wares tomorrow to share with all of you.
BUT for tonight, I'm ready to snuggle up with my p.j.'s and get some rest. Sleep tight and have good prim dreams.
Until next time...


  1. Abby is adorable and so is Lucy, aren't you lucky!!!

    I'll be going this morning to see Sydney off on the school bus to 2nd grade, gee, I remember the day she was born:)

  2. Happy Birthday, Abby!
    Dawn, your granddaughters are beautiful and Lucy is sure growing. Glad you have been busy at the shop. It looks like fall is here and I've been dragging out a few pumpkins here and there.

  3. Happy Birthday Abby! Love her teenage outfit!

    Lucianna..what a beautiful name..I LOVE IT.

    Looking forward to lots of pics from the move ...I can't wait to see your new place :)


  4. Good rainy morning to you Dawn...well, it's pouring here! Been rainy for days.

    What a beautiful post....Happy Birthday Abby. And Oh how Lucianna is growing.

    I'm telling you that one of these days I'm going to call you and show up at your shop! I'm so intrigued with it and I so want to meet you. Not sure how far it is from our home but will get the distance on the GPS and make the be ready....maybe you can get a helper and come to lunch with us and show us your beautiful town.


  5. Happy Birthday to your dear sweet Abbey!....what a lovely family! Janet

  6. Hi Dawn,
    Happy Birthday to Abbey!

    Glad to hear that you have had a lot of business at the shop. That is such wonderful news!!

    It looks like we are going to come up your way in October...sometime after the Sauerkraut Festival is over. I'm so excited and can't wait!!
    I'll keep you posted.


  7. Dawn,
    Sure enjoyed looking at the pictures and going through the blog. So glad that you are doing so well, you just have the right touch to decorate the way you do. I am very proud of you.
    Love, Ruth Ann