Tuesday, November 3, 2009


OHHHH! My poor old bones!!! This has been quite a week and weekend. My friend Bonnie came and helped me last week move all the furniture in the shop to ready it for our holiday decorating. I closed the doors for Sunday and Monday and thank goodness for Terri! We WORKED into the evening on both days and I'm ready to open the doors today. Still have a little tweeking to do, but we're ready for the holidays. You couldn't even walk through the shop without tripping, but now the trees are up, the garlands are hung, the lights are glowing and the wonderful, primitive handmades are all through the shop along with some beautiful primitive antiques.
Our front window turned out better than expected. Holly has a Dickens Festival for three weekends, starting Thanksgiving weekend, and our window looks like you are looking into the dining room of Scrooge - complete with Tiny Tim's crutch. We even have the Christmas Carol dishes for sale.
In between working on the shop, we are still moving things to our new home. It is sure comfy and cozy here and I think we are really going to like it. Most of all, I think my Mom finally has peace of mind not being by herself. Our old home is still filled with lots of things and I will have to pack more, sort more and get ready for a sale there sometime soon. Sure seems like there are not enough hours in a day!
I will be posting pictures soon. You wouldn't believe this, but I think someone had sticky fingers in my shop. My camera is gone!!! I hate to think this could have happened, but it was setting out and just disappeared. My daughter is going to bring her camera to the shop and to our new house so I can at least share pictures with you. Guess I'll have to go camera shopping again soon. I feel like I lost a body part without it!!!
I talked to my friend Connie (in Tennessee) and she helped with a Christmas redo at Rebecca's Thyme in Pigion Forge on Saturday. If you ever get a chance, don't miss this great primitive shop! Connie is her "Funky Tennessee Artist" and creates unique, primitive dolls (and more).
Well gals, time to get to work, keep tweeking and open the doors!!! Have a wonderful day.
Until next time...


  1. Hi Dawn!....so sorry to hear about your camera, that's terrible to think someone like that was in your shop....I am anxious to see pics of your new home!....have a happy day!

  2. Hi Dawn,
    Thanks for telling about calling the store...you sure made me feel better being that you are a shopkeeper of a prim store too:) I'm going to call as soon as I'm done here.

    I just wish I could see your prim shop in person but the pics will be just great I know!
    Have a great prim day!

    PS so sorry about your camara!

  3. Evidently the person that "borrowed" your camera needed it more than you. That is what I tell myself when things have "walked" away from me with no explantion. Maybe it will find its way back to you. Here's hoping anyway.

  4. Hey Dawn! I am really looking forward to pictures, soon - (of the stoe AND your new home!!!) Total bummer that someone would walk off with your camera. Have a great week.

  5. Please post pictures soon...it makes me feel right at home. Dianntha

  6. Best wishes for a great Christmas season - sounds like you have it altogether - wish I could come and shop! Pictures will have to do - besure to get one of your front window - sorry about the camera - hope you figure out who it was so you can "watch" them next time they come in.

  7. Hi Dawn,
    I can't wait to see pics of the shop all decked out with Christmas goodies. Sorry to hear that your camera is missing.
    We had hoped to come to MI this past weekend or this coming one, but hubby does have the H1N1 flu. So far, I have not gotten it and I hope it stays that way.
    How is the weather up there in December?...cause it looks like that is the next available time we will have as my Christmas shows start on Nov. 13th and I have them 3 weekends in a row.

  8. Hi Dawn,

    You must be soooooooo tired with all that is on your plate. I am sorry to hear about your camera. No fun - not what you needed right now either. I hope it shows up!

    I hope thwe Christmas season at the shop is th ebest one yet and Christmas in your new home is peaceful and cozy!!

    hugs, Linda