Saturday, November 28, 2009


LET THE FUN BEGIN! When I opened the shop yesterday, it was finally time for the kick-off of Holly's annual Dicken's Festival. We wait all year for these three weekends and it is SO much fun! Hope you enjoy weekend No. 1! Four young volunteers came into the shop to warm up all decked out in their English finery.
My coffee shop neighbor, Zanie Janie, was ready to hand out cup after cup of coffee! Loved her costume.

The carriage arrived in the village to begin the rides. It's so romantic in the evening when you can see the Christmas lights.

I tried to get a picture of the tree lighting, but it didn't come out very well. There were choirs, Santa arrived, and they announced the family of the year.

Abbey and Ashley being a little silly! Abbey is my helper quite a bit at the shop. If you haven't met Abbey yet, be sure to stop in to say "hello". (She might even show up as Santa before the festival is over.)
Oh boy, I'm in trouble. Cheryl, Chris and their boys, Vincent and Nathan, opened "Remember When Candy Shop" just two doors down from me! They are so nice and so is the shop. Be sure to stop in to get some goodies when you come to town.
Just had to show you the big hooked rug that showed up at the shop today! Isn't this one a keeper???

The seating and "stage" are right outside my door (lucky me) and this was one of the choirs.
The characters get right into the festivities!

More characters.
This is one of the vendors in Battle Alley. They sell fish and chips and are they delish!!! I had them two days in a row (and he even delivers them to my shop)!
Chestnuts anyone??
Even the birds join in the fun - and this was a LOUD ONE!
Julie, my back door neighbor (real estate office), volunteered to work in the chestnut booth.
I had a great surprise this afternoon. Daughter Amanda, hubby Greg, Gannon, Jack, Ellie and Caroline all came to town to join in the fun. They just make my heart sing!
Jack and Gannon enjoying some fish and chips on the bench outside of my shop.
Me and my guys!
Of course Ellie and Jack had to visit the candy shop!
Gannon is our oldest grandchild, so I always tell him he's my "first best boy" and he always will be! Look at this child, he's almost caught up to his old grandma!
Our little Caroline loved to see all the action, but it was getting sleepy time.
Greg was ready to load up and get these little ones home for a rest. I'm so happy they came to visit. Don't tell anyone, but next weekend our Gannon is going to be our resident Santa! He loves to help all the ladies carry their bags out to the car.
When I came home, Ashley, Tony and the girls were here having a pizza party with my mom. What a treat to come home to! Our little Lucy is growing like a weed. Just what the doctor ordered after a busy day - I needed a little snuggle time.
Just doesn't get any better than this! Abbey and Lucy all in one hug! Abbey is spending the night tonight and we really get some snuggle time. What a great ending to a fun, profitable two days - with more to come tomorrow!
Hope you enjoyed sharing - I hope you get a chance to come to Holly in person and enjoy the fun!
Until next time...


  1. Oh Dawn....What a wonderful place Holly is....I get soooooooo jealous when you post all your wonderful events! That hooked rug is a real keeper....just love look like one SPECIAL grandmother....lucky grandchildren !!!!

  2. wow....holly really does rock....wish i could of came...your family is the sweetest..thanks for sharing your day with us

  3. I AM DEFINITELY COMING TO HOLLY ONE OF THESE WEEKENDS FOR ALL THE FUN THINGS YOU AND YOUR TOWN HAS !! You are very blessed Dawn that your store is in a town that keeps the "old fashion" way of life and has fun festivities going and going! AND that candy store store and coffee shop at your fingertips.....YIKES !!! Judy
    ps. Beautiful family pictures!!!

  4. Wow, what a great festival! LOVE all the costumes and it looks like so much fun!!

  5. What awesome pictures of the festival, Dawn & your precious family. Thanks for sharing.