Thursday, November 26, 2009


Good Thanksgiving evening friends. Hope you all had just the best of days! We had a wonderful afternoon with our daughter-in-law's parent's (Jim and Sharon). They invited us for dinner, thinking it would be easier to bring Dad to their house instead of home, that would just be way too hard on him. You've never seen so much food!!! Turkey, ham, sausage and kraut, potatoes, noodles, 2 dressings, corn, cranberries, parsnips... It goes on and on! It was just a delicious Thanksgiving feast. Jim and Sharon, our gracious hosts and awesome cooks!
Dining room table.

Family room table.

Dad and I - the best thing to be thankful for!
Dad and Dick.
Mom and daughter-in-law Kim.
Grandpa and son Chad. Thank you Chad and Kim for putting this day together. It was wonderful.
After dinner, we pulled into the drive at daughter Amanda's home. The kids came out to see Great-Grandpa and some even crawled right into the car! Dad with little Caroline, he just loves to hold her.
Amanda climbed over the front seats to get to Grandpa and Grandma.
Son-in-law Greg and our Gannon! Gannon was the first one to the car with big hugs for everyone.
Then it was time to go back and a quiet sadness came over Dad. Dick did get him to race with the wheelchairs before we had to leave. I held his hand and we talked about what we had to be thankful for, we shed a few tears, and made promises to see each other tomorrow. It was a blessed day, to be able to spend the afternoon away from the nursing home and together.
Now, tomorrow it's time to get back to work! Our annual tree lighting is at 6 p.m. across from the shop. Then on Saturday and Sunday our annual Dicken's Festival gets in full swing. If you've never been to Holly to experience this, come on down! There will be entertainment from 1-6 on both Saturday and Sunday (for 3 weekends). The merchants and volunteers have worked very hard to keep this going in these hard economic times. Stroll the streets of Holly, take a romantic carriage ride, browse through our unique shops, have an intimate lunch and come see me at Holly Hills Primitives!
Bless you all on this Thanksgiving night!
Until next time...


  1. Dawn,
    I'm so glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving day and were able to have the special time with your Dad. It is so very hard... I know to have a parent in a nursing home especially during the holidays. We went thru that with my husbands Dad. It was always so sad the people who never had someone to come visit them. I know your Dad feels our love.

    The Dickens Festival sounds wonderful!!

  2. Oh Dawn, my eyes are leaking! How wonderful to have dad with you for that feast and for him to see his loved ones inluding the little ones. I am so happy you all had that time together.

    Have a wonderfully busy weekend! warm hugs, Linda

  3. So happy it all turned out well, your dad did look happy and that's all that matters:)

  4. Dawn ~
    What precious pictures and memories. Love that light in your dad's eyes & that big smile. How wonderful of Kim's parents to host that fabulous dinner. Have a great weekend & Dicken's festival.

  5. Making memories that will stay in your heart forever is what Thanksgiving is all about...Your day sounded just perfect and knowing that your Dad is being well cared for is something to be truly thankful for. Blessings, Judy

  6. I am so glad you were able to spend time away from the nursing home with your dad and family! What a special day, and it brought tears streaming down my face reading about it and imagining the joy it must have brought to your dad.

    I hope you have a wonderful turn out for the festival!