Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Oh yes, Wednesday is already over. The weeks seem to be flying by this month! Whew! It's hard to believe that another weekend is almost upon us already.
I had a great surprise today. A blog reader stopped into the shop with her two sweet little boys to ask if she could take Christmas pictures in front of the store. OF COURSE! I asked her if I could sneak one to share. This is Owen and Matthew - don't you just love the hat???
I also have a few more goodies to share tonight. This snowman is so cute, he is done on an old glass lamp base.

Stockings full of toys line our fireplace. I especially like the middle one.
This Santa is so adorable in his reindeer slippers!
Old gumball machines (including their keys) would be so festive filled with candy canes.
Does anybody remember skating on these kind of roller skates?
This little mouse in the baby shoe is SOOO cute! It has a doily on the back and ribbon laces.
More retro decorations.
Who doesn't love gingerbread men? This one even has a baby in the pocket.
My favorite of the year are these needle "keepers" made from old knives. They have a cork in the top and come with attached scissors on a silver chain.
More necklaces by Kari are here. Love the Christmas ones!
That's it for more goodies today, but they are arriving almost daily now. More coming tomorrow too!
I ran up to visit Dad after work today and we had a great time. He was in good spirits and we joked and had lots of fun. One way or another, we are going to be someplace other than the nursing home for Thanksgiving!
Dick and I actually met and had a dinner alone tonight too. What a treat! It seems like we have been on a constant treadmill for months, it was so nice to be able to just sit and visit with each other.
This weekend, if everything goes okay, we plan on making another trip up to The Little House and have some fun. Dick wants to do some fishing for White Fish and I want to decorate for the holidays. I'm not quite ready to do it at home yet, but it will be so much fun up north. There is nothing like walking in the woods to cut fresh greens for garlands, finding my special stash of rosehips, putting up the lights... It's all so very festive and old-fashioned. (Of course, it has to look just right before Connie and Rick come!)
Well friends, have a wonderful evening and we'll talk again tomorrow.
Until next time...


  1. Yes, I remember those skates and the key that went with them:)
    Glad your having a nice time with your dad and that he will be with you for Thanksgiving.

  2. I remember those skates! I spent alot of time on them. I also spent alot of time getting them back on my shoes. I would just love to visit your shop!

  3. Hi Dawn!....yes the time sure does seem to be flying. What cute visitors you had wanting to have their picture taken! How nice it was that you and your husband found time to have a nice dinner!


  4. Dawn,
    Great pics again & those little boys are darling in front of the shop. Glad you & Dick had a nice dinner. How far north is the little house?

  5. Love the pictures Dawn! Glad you were able to spend some quiet time alone. It always does the soul good. :)


  6. Hi Dawn! I am so glad you are getting away to your little house. Your plans sound perfect - I can smell the greens now!! ENJOY!!