Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Good Tuesday evening gals. Hope you had a wonderful day! I spent a lot of time tweeking the shop (again) and adding lots of new prim goodies. It's so much fun to have blogland to share the latest finds. Took down the reindeer and added this big, old carpenter's tote (on it's side) filled with all kinds of prim ornies.
Picked up this old janitor's mop bucket. It just makes the perfect place to put a tree - complete with squeegee!

My favorite find was this old, folk-art whirlygig! It ALMOST came home with my for my hubby's Christmas present.

This armchair is so prim and sturdy. I could just see the right pillows on it.

This big sled is unbelievable and HEAVY! It is truly a work of art that some old grandpa must have made for the children. What a porch decoration statement this would make!

This sweet little bench is perfect for a foyer. Oh where, oh where could I put it?

Love the small OLD green and cream cupboard. Who doesn't have room for one more little cupboard?

This wagon isn't VERY old, but it sure is a cutie. It would be perfect for the right tree and packages.
Two old stools. One is red and white metal and the other is old green wood.
This old, red room divider screen just screams Christmas! Wouldn't it be the perfect backdrop for a tree?
Need a washtub for your tree? We have lots!
Talk about sweet! This little white cabinet is it! Love it with the old white ice skates and greens.
Just got quite a few retro "light-ups" (and they are the real thing). They are scattered all over the shop.

Need black chairs for the holidays? We got a set of four with rush seats in great condition. This one looks so good with the old, black desk.
What a great time of year! I have more antiques and handmades coming again tomorrow. The holidays are just the best, I get new goodies almost daily this time of year. It feels like CHRISTMAS!
Don't forget, I will ship everything but furniture. So, if you see something you like, just give me a call at the shop or send me an e-mail.
I'M SO EXCITED! I talked to my friend Connie today (by the way, she already got her new furniture in place and decorated) and they are coming to Michigan at the end of December. We are trying to make plans to go up to The Little House and have an "up north" Christmas together. It will be so much fun to exchange our gifts in person, light up the holiday lights, cook dinner together, make popcorn (in my grandma's old popcorn popper) and just enjoy our time together. Can't wait!!! Rick has never seen our cottage, so that will be a fun adventure too. Hurry up you two!
Well, time to get another order together and get dinner on the table. Be watching for more goodies!
Until next time...


  1. Dawn,
    What prim eye candy! Love the trees & all the old goodies you have displayed. The washtubs are great for a tree. Everything looks so festive & Christmasy! thanks for sharing. You will have the perfect Christmas with Rich & Connie at the "little house".

  2. Oh.....how I wish I could visit you someday Dawn....sigh...the shop looks festive!

  3. As usual......love all the pictures you share of your "finds" and your decorating talents. Your shop must look so festive right now.

  4. Good morning. Everything looks wonderful..love those old washtubs :)

    So exciting about your friends coming for a visit..and your "Up North" Christmas :)

    Hugs, Doreen

  5. Love the goodies in your pictures...I love those wash tubs too, I got one at a yard sale for .25 and right now it has some mums in it but thanks to you I'll be putting a tree in it this Christmas:) Thanks for the idea, always enjoy stopping by!

  6. Wow, again! I feel like that's what I say every time I see your pictures. Lots of great goodies!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas celebration with your friends!!