Saturday, November 7, 2009


HOORAY!!! I finally got a camera and figured out how to get the pictures on the blog again - now I just have to tweek being able to take the pictures! Hope you're all ready for a post full of pictures.
Today was a beautiful day in Michigan, I even got to leave my front door open all afternoon. One couple that came through the door was Larry and Linda from Three Rivers, Michigan (a fellow blogger). They were both SO nice and it was great to meet them. I (with a lot of help from the elves) finally got the shop ready for the holidays (even though there are more goodies arriving daily).
Are you ready for a little tour? This is my front counter. The candy cane letters spell out "Holly Hills".

Our fireplace moved to the front of the shop, hopefully to welcome our visitors.

Our front tree is covered with prim ornies!
Our table is set with Christmas Carol dishes, stitcheries, signs...
Another view of the table.
This is the step-up level going into Zanie Janie's coffee shop. I just love having the French doors open and having such a great neighbor - plus the coffee smells SO yummy!
A view of our little village down one side of the shop.
The doorway to one of our "houses".
"Candyland" is chuck full of snowmen, ornies and more!
Another view of "candyland".
Had to try to get a closeup of this wonderful OLD prim sled. It is about 6 foot long and HEAVY! I've never seen one like it and I just love it.
Our "living room" is so cozy. We have a beautiful, new Johnston Benchworks sofa on special for $995.00.
How about this old vintage, paper mache, store advertising Santa? Isn't he the best?
Another tree full of angels, mittens and trees. The Hoosier is filled with "mice" items and more.
One of our houses has wooden icicles that are so unique.
Inside the "blue" house is filled with all kinds of goodies.
Our "log cabin" is filled to the brim with more ornies and primitive wares.
We have lots of prim tables, shutters and cupboards.
Love this old, PRIM, black hanging pie safe.
The back wall of the shop is our old log cabin.
This week we will be getting more furniture, dolls, pillows, stitcheries and who knows what else!? What an exciting time of year for everyone. I hope you have enjoyed our little holiday tour. (I just noticed that there is the wrong date on all of the pictures - oh well - more tweeking.)
Now that I have a camera, I'll be taking pictures of our new home very soon. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Until next time...


  1. Dawn,
    I just want to jump in the car and comed visit...........I'm drooling! How beautiful!

  2. Love your pictures of the shop ~ everything looks so festive & Christmasy. So glad you got a camera & can't wait to see more.
    what color is the sofa ~ I couldn't make it out in the pics. Thanks.

  3. Dawn it looks so wonderful and festive and cozy! I hope you have a super Christmas season!!

  4. WONDERFUL-WONDERFUL! Makes me wanna come visit :) Wishin' ya much success this holiday season!

  5. Looks sooo nice! The tree is beautiful! I would love to come take a peek! Hope the season treats you well!

  6. Thanks you so much for sharing the photos of your wonderland. It is like Thanksgiving...I am thankful for shop owners who make their shops feel like home. Dianntha

  7. Wow WOw Wow....Where is your shop ? I would loveeee to come and shop ! It looks soooo invitin'
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  8. Oh, Dawn! Your shop looks fantastic. I can't wait to make my way back up there one of these days! I hope the home moving is going well.

  9. This tour was the BEST!!!!
    Now I am more than anxious to get up there. I only wish it could be for the holiday season when it's all so festive.
    Again like I posted on a few other blogs - I WISH THERE WERE MORE OF ME TO GO AROUND!!!

    Hugs, Karen

  10. The shop looks great! I appreciate how much work it takes to do it. And getting your new home ready too, you have to be working night and day. Hope you are having fun with both!
    Laurie :)

  11. What wonderful eye candy in this post!
    My favorite kind!
    Have a great night!

  12. Love it all, sure wish I had the time to
    come visit the shop when I was in Michigan.

    Maybe next time!

    Bear Hugs~Karen