Friday, November 20, 2009


Hooray, Friday evening! Just got back from our old house with another load of "stuff" and I'm having such a hard time holding off starting on my holiday decorating - but I'm going to wait until after Thanksgiving - at least at this house. I did haul over a lot of my greens, a couple Christmas dolls and a few other goodies though, might as well start sorting! I went to one of my favorite shops in Brighton, MI last night called Homespun-Spare Parts For The Home and couldn't resist a few things. I'm so sad that she will be closing her doors after 20 years! It's so much fun to visit other great shops and get inspired all over again - and this one always does it for me! Today the "town tree" went up across the street from the shop and is getting ready for the tree lighting next Friday evening. It is the official kick-off to the annual Dicken's Festival - which will last 3 weekends. If you're in the area, stop into Holly and have some family fun. There's nothing like a carriage ride after dark with the town all aglow with Christmas lights.
The workers did a great job!

I just love our little snowman that Terri brought in! He looks so cute with the candy sticking out of his pockets.
Just got this BROWN primitive pre-lit tree. There's so many things that could be done with it!
We call this beauty our "Dicken's Cupboard". I've never seen anything quite like it before. It has painting on each panel on the doors and the sides. It really is quite something!

I got two of these little "top-hat" lights and they are keepers. Maybe Scrooge will wander in during Dickens and find his hat!
Another beautiful "post-card board" with velvet ribbon. This one is so serene and wonderful.

Some guy out there might be collecting old metal tractors and trailers.
I got two of these great, BIG, knit stockings. Wouldn't these be something on a fireplace?
One little metal greenhouse left, it is so peaceful looking with the berries and lights.
I should be receiving three more orders next week - just in time for Dickens! Can't wait for our new tart burners, candy-cane battery candles, PRIM reed diffusers and lots more.
SO - since it's not quite time to decorate at home, I'm going to take a haul up to the Little House and start up there tomorrow night. I'm so excited to turn on the stereo, light the candles and just putz! It's been a long time since we've had time to just go up there and enjoy. Only one drawback, I came down with a crummy cold. Oh well, it will be cozy inside! I'd like to put on a big old pot of soup Sunday morning and just let it simmer until we're ready to have some. I can just imagine the smells and the feelings of that little place. Oh yes, I'm more than ready!
Tonight we are taking my mom out for dinner when Dick gets home from work. She always looks forward to getting out of the house for an evening. Maybe Italian?
Well friends, time to start sorting while I'm waiting.
Until next time...


  1. Oh I so love the snowman with his little pockets filled with candies. How cute is he? I love the overalls, there is nothing better than overalls for country let me tell you. My Daddy lives in his overalls, and swears on their comfort.

    I love the little brown tree in the kettle pot. That is just down right cute. I love the simplicity of it.

    The stocking is cute. It would be darling hanging on a front door, with a few empty flat shirt boxes wrapped for decor, and slipped inside. I love this one.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy holidays sweetie. Please stop by and say hi. I love the company. Country hugs...Sherry

  2. A Dickens Festival sounds wonderful! I can just imagine your town with the lights and sleigh rides, topped off with a visit to your beautiful store!

    Have a great time decorating your Little House :0)

  3. I'd love to visit your town, you are so blessed to live there and have a prim store to boot:)

    I really can't wait to see your home all done for Christmas!

  4. Oh you have some cute things in your shop. That's wonderful a Dicken's Christmas! I like the snowman outside.

  5. Hi Dawn,
    I sure hope that the timing and weather allow us to come to MI in December. I think that a carriage ride after dark with the Christmas lights all aglow sounds wonderful!!

  6. Hi Dawn :)

    What a sweet place! It looks like you are all ready for the holiday season :)

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!!