Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yesterday was the 19th anniversary to my dearest friend and partner. I can't believe we have been married for 19 years already - the time has flown by. I just want to thank Dick for being the best husband, father, grandfather and son-in-law that I have ever known. I am so lucky to have met him. He makes the sun come up every morning! Happy Anniversary!
Now on to my day yesterday. I sewed and sewed, but only got four things completed. Annie is rag stuffed and is wearing a feedsack dress and has sunflowers on her head for a little hat. She has a bag filled with Sweet Annie and a sunflower on the front.
This black pumpkin is mounted on an old oil can wrapped in cheesecloth. He has a crow on his head and a sunflower on the can. One of my favorites!
This doorhanger is a big old witch head with angel vine hair. A few sunflowers are scattered about.
Jack is a riot. He is dressed in black and has cheesecloth hair. He is holding a prim old cat head and is ready for the best Halloween party ever!
I can't wait for tomorrow to get here! I'm heading to Ohio for the trade shows, but the best part is that I'm meeting my friend Connie! We haven't seen each other since Christmas, so we're long overdo. We are taking a sewing machine and working on dolls when we aren't at the shows, so I hope to have a big load to bring home and finish up. Two heads are better than one! I am closing the shop while I'm gone, but it will be worth it when I open back up on August 25th! Be sure to come see what I bring back.
Well pals, time to get into the shop and wrap things up for the week. Hope you all have a great weekend and lots of time to create.
Until next time...


  1. Good Morning Sweet Friend...
    Sounds like you have a wonderful day all planned out with a friend visit long overdue. You gals have fun in the city.

    Happy Anniversary to you and DH. My DH and I will be celebrating our 35th coming up in a few months. Time sure does fly when you are having fun doesn't it?

    Love your shares. You are such a talented artist. I love the little punkin on the old oil can. I collect oil cans so it always catches my eye if I see one. I so love the faces on each of your creations. They are just wonderful.

    Have a beautiful day sweet friend. Many country hugs to you, Sherry

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and Dick! You certainly do make a great team!!!! I wish you many more happy years together!!

  3. Hi Dawn...hope you get a chance to head up to Springfield for a country antiques show on Saturday, 21st..@ the Clark Co. Fairgrounds in the Youth Bldg. Enjoy the trade show...Blessings from NC Blue Ridge mountains...

  4. have fun!!!! its always nice to see friends..hope you find some great stuff....and Happy Anniversary.

  5. H*A*P*P*Y A*N*N*I*E V*E*R*S*A*R*Y!! So happy to hear you found your true love!

    Love ALL your new items! Your shoppe looks fabulous!

    Have fun on your trip!


  6. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your trip! Love all your creations!

  7. Happy Anniversary!! Your creations are WONDERFUL, good luck this weekend.(millstonemercantile)

  8. Happy Anniversary!! And have a safe trip to Ohio. Hope you get to check out some of the shops that I told you about.

  9. Happy Belated Anniversary!! I hope you have a great time with Connie and come home with all kinds of great stuff to show us!