Monday, August 30, 2010


Welcome to daughter Ashley's family home. We celebrated Abbey's 8th birthday yesterday (still can't believe it) and had such a nice afternoon. Ashley works so hard to make her home cozy and welcoming - and it works!
Abbey is a lucky little girl. Her mom has the company "Surre Cakes" and what little horse girl wouldn't just love this cake???!!! It was beyond adorable! I'm so proud of Ashley and the creative cakes that she does - plus they are delicious.
I wanted to get a picture of Ashley and one of her creations! If you're near and ever want to order one of her cakes (she also does creative cupcakes), just go on Facebook to Surre Cakes.
Aunt Kim and Papa were relaxing on the porch. They braved the 90+ temps to have a visit.
Happy Birthday Abbey. What little kid can't wait to tear into their packages?? She is waiting to "redo" her bedroom and got new comforter, sheets and accessories (all dog related).
Little sis Lucy wanted to help too. New school clothes never hurt either!
Uncle Chad and Aunt Kim have a very special relationship with Abbey. That lucky little girl got new purple Ugg boots and the coolest flip-flops (the soles are made from yoga mats). They are my adventure kids (ski instructors, mountain bikers, road bikers, trail runners - you name it), and now Abbey is following right in their footsteps. They started her skiing at two and last Christmas got her a new mountain bike and have already hit the trails.
Their latest fun hobby is using the paddle boards on the water. You stand on them and paddle - and really move it!
I'm so sorry we never got a picture of Abbey's whole family together - just seems that everyone was in opposite directions when I had the camera out. It was a nice family day with delicious food and togetherness. Let's see, who has the next birthday??
Hope you had a great weekend and your week is starting out with a bang!
Until next time...


  1. I wanted to tell Abbey Happy Birthday!!!
    She is a cutie pie, and I love the shirt she got. She is going to be very hip at school!!!

    Prim Blessings,

  2. Happy Birthday Abbey! Sounds like a wonderful visit..and I love your daughters cakes, what talent! Have a great day.