Thursday, August 5, 2010


Good evening prim pals! You might as well grab a cup of coffee (or whatever your preference is) and sit back for a picture laden post. I'm so excited! I've decided to expand into the world of wholesale as well as my retail shop. Thought I would give you a sampling of the one-of-a-kinds that I have to offer. If you're interested, just give me a call at the shop and I'll give you prices. Fall/Halloween is fast approaching and these are some of the goodies I have up for sale. Click on the pictures for a larger view.
Above is a black pumpkin doll and she has a real pumpkin stem on the top of her head and she is holding her kitty for dear life!
This guy is dressed in old quilt pants and a wool coat. He is holding a quilted pumpkin and has a candy corn mouse on his shoulder.
This sweet little gal has a key nose, a stem on her head, an old doily collar and is holding a black crow.
Another pumpkin doll with wool pants, a pumpkin stem and holding a black cat head.
Black pumpkin make-do on an old bobbin.
This little girl is a sweetie. She has a needle-felted button on the top of her jacket.
Little Bessie Mae is another make-do on a bobbin. She has a needle felted pumpkin held on with rusty pins.
Cute little black make-do doll with a needle-felted sunflower on her shoulder.
This guy is one of my favorites! He's a black pumpkin head mounted on an old oil can. He has angel vine for hair, a burlap hat with a sunflower and is wrapped in cheesecloth.
Another black pumpkin head mounted on an old tin measure.
My second favorite is this black pumpkin/scarecrow mounted on an old bobbin with a burlap hat and sticks for arms.
This scarecrow head is also mounted on a BIG oil can with a long spout.
Little scarecrow make-do mounted on an old spring.
Scarecrow doll wrapped in cheesecloth holding one of his ears of corn.
Black pumpkin.
Mustard and brown pumpkins.
Mamma and her "BOO" kitties.
Cute little cat with a mouse coming out of her satchel.
LOVE THESE! Grubby pocket pillows holding a little prim dolly and Sweet Annie.
This crow make-do is sporting a sunflower hat.
This wreath would be perfect for a friend. It has a little black dolly attached and the words "Kindred Spirits".
I have lots of prim stitcheries. Some are mounted on old barn boards,
Some are in antique frames,
Some are for Halloween,
And some are just sweet.
Different kinds of crows and "dirty birds" await a place to roost.
This crow in the pear tree is mounted on an old stump.
All kinds of dolls are also available. This long black gal has a wooden sign that says "Herbs" and her hair is curly, rusty wire.
This little sweetie is holding her fall apple. She has springs for hair and a key for a nose.
This gal is huge! She has big red lips, real sheep's wool hair and her pockets are filled with Sweet Annie.
This little girl has a feedsack pouch filled with sunflowers and Sweet Annie. Her hair is made from old rusty bells.
These spindle dolls are made from old porch spindles. This one has a black wool hat and has a pouch with "Penny" posies.
Another black dolly. You can never have enough!
How about some prim kitchen towels. The pocket holds an old wooden spoon and flax.
There you have a sampling of what's available. No two items are exactly alike and I think they would make some impact in any prim shop. I hope to hear from you soon and that you liked what you saw!
Have a great evening and until next time...


  1. Wow ~ you have been a busy gal. I love all of them, so perfectly prim. I wish you the best in this new venture.

  2. excellent creations..I love them all...

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  4. Spectacular! You are so talented! I wish you well on your new venture! SUE

  5. You have such awesome goodies.....lindeelou

  6. Good luck, Dawn! I'll bet you'll do great~!

  7. Wow Dawn.... you have been s busy girl!! Love all of the folk dolls. I can't wait to put mine up that you gave me last year (which I still owe you a days work in the shop, for, do not forget). Are you thinking of B & M stores, or online? You need to consider doing some shows locally with them. They would be snatched up!

  8. WOW! You've been a busy girl!!! I just love Halloween and your Halloween Pumpkin dolls are really cool! I especially love the black pumpkins! I need to get over to your store and check everything out in person! SOON!

  9. You amaze me on how you can put out the work!!! all the dolls...alittle too prim for our store but wonderful just the same! Best wishes for your NEW go girl!!