Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Our sweet Ellie started pre-school yesterday and wanted us to come watch her get on the bus. Her two older brothers are in school and now it was her turn. She was so darned excited!
Little Caroline wanted to get in on most of the pictures too. She kept saying, "Me too!"
She is going to miss Ellie so much!
Proud Mom and Dad!
Grandpa and Ellie.
"Grandma Peanut" and Ellie.
And off they go!
Big sister watching out for Caroline.
We made it to the bus stop.
Ellie was proud of her name she put on her backpack.
Here comes the bus.
Yup, she made it on with no tears.
And away she goes for the first day of many long years!
We came home and got going on more handmades for the "Gathering On The Lawn" show this Saturday at the Old Granary in Quincy. I'm getting so excited for the show. It will be fun to try something a little different and meet some new people. Our sitting area is covered with pumpkin heads, black cats, scarecrows and crows! Better get busy and get them finished up.
Have a great day!
Until next time...


  1. What a big girl! She will remember this day always. SUE

  2. What adorable granddaughters. It is a parent's prerogative to have tears in their eye's on such a momumental occassion as this.