Thursday, September 23, 2010


Welcome to FALL at Holly Hills Primitives! The shop is decorated inside and out and there are so many things for your fall decorating needs.
There are scarecrows,
and more scarecrows,
and more scarecrows!
There's also a supply of pumpkins and
black cats.
My favorites are the shutter pockets. Nothing is glued inside, so they are great to change out for the seasons. Both in green and
blue. Couldn't you just see these with your Christmas greens tucked inside?
Black Jack is mounted on an old rusty orange thermos.
This guy is on an antique bobbin.
Is he a scarecrow or a pumpkin? Only the cornfield knows.
The headless rider is another favorite - I'm even having a hard time selling him!
Cool chalkboard with burlap coffee bag and screen at the bottom.
More wreaths and CROWS galore.
This prim bowl filler is scented field corn. You can buy it by the cup or the bag and it comes in three scents.
Tomorrow will be a very busy day and, unfortunately, I'm going to have to take a lot of things from the shop. I am finally trying my hand at a show on Saturday. If you're in the area, come on down to the Old Granary in Quincy, Michigan. It should be lots of fun. The shop is wonderful and the show is a "Gathering On The Lawn" where wonderful vendors will be set up. Then I will spend my birthday (Sunday) putting things back together at the shop and getting ready for our Witch's Nite Out the following Friday night. Whew! I never knew having a shop could be so much darn work - but so well worth it!
Hope to see you soon and that you all enjoy the first weekend of fall!
Until next time...


  1. How I love your primitive shop and all it's wonderful wares. When I read your wonderful blog I swear I begin to drool. I love "Black Jack"!

  2. The shop looks great and the scarecrows are so cute. Good luck at the show! Happy Birthday too! Don't work too hard and at least have cake!

  3. I love everything you shared today...the scarecrows are too cute!! Best Wishes for a great show...I know you will do well!! My big show is in 2 will be my 26th year of doing shows.
    Happy Birthday!!

  4. Love all the wonderful Fall items Dawn! Good luck with your show!

  5. Hi Dawn.
    Everything looks wonderful. Great pictures.

  6. Dawn- you will do GREAT at your show. The shop is proof of that. Love that scented corn!!! you ship!!LOL Have a great weekend and do not worry about a thing. SELL OUT!!

  7. Everything looks great! I like the chalkboard shutter, great idea! Have fun at the show!

  8. Morning Dawn,
    What a beautiful fun shop you have inside and out.
    I think if I was walking down the street and saw your shop I'd start getting the shakes just wanting to get in's always so inviting.
    Hugs, Kareh