Monday, September 6, 2010


What a great weekend! Talk about fall in the air - WOW! Friday afternoon Ashley brought Lucy and her new car down to the shop and walked over to the farmer's market. Amanda was there with the kids too, so Lucy and Caroline got to share a ride together. They were so adorable! I think they are going to grow up to be good buddies.
After I closed the shop Saturday afternoon, Dick and I headed up to the Little House. We spent some time with our friends, Debbie and Kenny on Saturday evening and then I putzed a little with some fall decorating at the cottage. We got up early on Sunday morning and drove up the coast of Lake Huron to Harrisville to the annual craft show. We went to find the booth for Wren In The Willow and visited with Peggy and Bob for awhile. It was BUSY! The weather was cool and fall was definitely in the air. Yup, jeans and swetshirts with the breezes coming off Lake Huron.
When we got back to the cottage, Amanda and her family came up to spend one night with us. We took the kids over to the playground and had a ball. Even Greg got in on the act, climbing to the top of the swing set!
Little Caroline loved going down the slide with her mommy.
Papa got silly with the kids and went down head first!
Ellie, our brave girl, had to try the slide with no hands!
Late afternoon came and we decided to get the campfire going. The kids could hardly wait!
Jack was our big helper and picked up all of the sticks in the yard to put on the fire.
Fires are always so fascinating - especially to children. After a good dinner, the s'mores started to roll! YUM! We had a lot of little sticky faces and fingers.
This morning, Dick made breakfast and all the kids ate and ate! Gannon especially loved the French toast!
Jack and Ellie have to use the zoo paper plates and take a little time to pick out just the right animal. After breakfast, their family packed up and headed home. Dick and I got everything back in order for next time and we hit the road too. There was lots of traffic coming south, but at least we didn't get into a traffic jam.
We stopped to visit Dad on the way home and then stopped at Ashley's house to see Abbey and Lucy.
Tomorrow school starts (a sure fall sign) and I'm getting back to sewing, sewing and more sewing. I have so many ideas flying around my head - I just want to get going on it all!
We had a great holiday and hated for it to end! Hope you did too!
Until next time...


  1. Sounds like you had the perfect holiday weekend. Wish our weather this way would cool off enough for jeans!! And a it!

  2. What a great holiday weekend, great pictures. It was so cool here this weekend we made a fire in our woodstove. Have a great week, Dawn.