Thursday, September 16, 2010


What better thing to do on a rainy old day than add new goodies to the shop and play? Yup, the sky let loose and along with the rain came thunder and lightning like crazy! It shook the windows of the shop. Unfortunately, some of these pictures are kind of dark from the dark sky, but I couldn't wait to share some of the new things that came in today!
First of all, I LOVE our big old crow on the picket. He's about 6' tall and will look so great outside of the shop. We are getting in more crows on stakes to put in your garden. I just know I'm going to have to keep one of those when they arrive!

For some reason, I deleted the picture of our scarecrow, but can you see the witch scarecrow? She has an old burlap bag for her body.
This little pumpkin head is done on an old orange and black tobacco tin. Perfect colors!
Another pumpkin head is done on an antique tin with orange letters.
Darn, another dark picture. This piece of candy corn has a little mouse sticking his head out and they are in an antique sifter.
More dark! A feedsack pumpkin has another little mouse peeking out from inside - also in an antique sifter.
This is my absolute favorite! A headless guy, sitting on a big old tin spouted can! He is holding his head and has crows on the spout and on top of his shoulders. Corn leaves are sticking out of the spout. Very, very prim!
Two little whisk broom dolls with their clothespin babies arrived too. One is in a fall plaid homespun dress with cheesecloth,
...and the other is in a burgandy check homespun dress with cheesecloth and rusty wire.
Bonnie made this beautiful sunflower pillow. Sure wish it would have been brighter.
Wax corn and grass would look great in an old wooden bowl.
A new look is in the front of the shop,
and the middle of the shop,
and in front of one of the little "houses".
I got this OLD, tin potato planter and Sharon is going to paint pumpkins on the front. Won't it look great with bittersweet? I've never seen anything quite like it before.
Another favorite is this giant, rusty farm scoop. (By the way, it is piled with our grubby lights inside.)
These new battery candles are the greatest! They are wrapped in corn husks and couldn't be cuter.
This old basket is perfect! It looks like a small tobacco basket with a front pocket.
Our annual Halloween post cards have also arrived. The artist lives in Pt. Sanilac and everyone always loves her work. They are done with antique post cards - front and back.
Close-up view of one of the cards.
These little picture holders are cuties. They would also look adorable on a Halloween table.
This little wood and wire garland is sweet as can be! That's most of the new prims for today, but more are arriving almost daily!
Zanie Janie and I went on a little shopping excursion after work tonight and had a ball. We got a few more "parts" for our witch's costumes for Witch's Nite Out - we even found striped tights! I also got some fun things to decorate our "houses" with inside of the shop. That means another fun day tomorrow!
Come back and visit soon and hope you are having a great time decorating your own homes and shops.
Until next time...


  1. The shop looks great Dawn....I haven't done much blog hopping lately...I've been crazy busy painting for FAll and now designing my E-Patterns!

  2. Dawn love the rusty farm scoop ... wax corn & grass ...and the table that is set in the middle of the shop. The whole store looks GREAT !!! May your cash register ring long & loud this Fall Season
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  3. What wonderful primitive wares you carry, wish I could browse your lovely shop. Alas, hubby says Michigan is a bit far from Maine for a primitive fix!