Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Well, the start of school always officially marks the beginning of fall to me. Yesterday morning I headed over to daughter Ashley's house for our annual first day of school pictures of Abbey. It's a tradition to stop at the donut shop and take her a "longjohn". I can't believe our girl is starting the third grade this year!
Ashley and Abbey are quite a team!
New FULL backpack and ready to head down the sidewalk. That thing was SOOO heavy, good thing the school is only two blocks away!
Little Lucy was pretty interested in all the action.
Our girls - couldn't love them more!
And away they go...
Came home yesterday and did a lot of sewing. I'll have to take pics when I get it to the shop. Did some rather funky, fun prim things this time. I've got to do more dolls, but it's always a nice change to try something a little different. I've got to go like crazy this month to get ready for the show at the end of the month - whew! No rest for the wicked!
Well girls, have a great day and hope you do something creative!
Until next time...


  1. Great pictures, Dawn, it is a for sure sign of fall. Have fun sewing.

  2. Oh...the first day of school is always so sad!!! Hope all went well for the whole family. dianntha

  3. I use to take pictures of the first day of school with my two girls every year! Well... every year until they became teenagers!! lol